Horizon Practical Commuter Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

The Horizon Electric Scooter has a plethora of features that make it a best electric scooter for commuting. It takes hills with ease, which is a rarity among scooters if you can believe it, and the five to seven hour charge time is on the high-end of scooters in its class. If you’re not convinced, try and compare it with some of the top-rated electric scooters available today.

Why We Like It – Horizon Practical Commuter

The Horizon Practical Commuter is a marvel in modern scooter engineering, with its very impressive 22 miles per hour top speed and equally impressive 26-mile range. These two numbers are among the highest we’ve seen for scooters. The dual suspension also guarantees a seamless transition over bumps and curbs.

  • Takes Hills Easily
  • Pneumatic Tires
  • 5-7 Hour Charge Time
  • Inconvenient Charging Location
  • A Little Bit on the Heavy Side


The Horizon Practical Commuter Scooter Great Value is a high-power scooter that can hit an impressive top speed of 22 miles per hour. An incredibly fast scooter, to say the least, consider the Ninebot Segway ES2 if you feel safer with a little less motor power. A Horizon Scooter review also points out that the scooter can take hills quite easily without losing much speed. Very steep hills may cause it to struggle, which is normal, but they won’t be insurmountable.

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For a scooter as powerful as this one, you’ll be happy to know they didn’t skimp on the safety features. The scooter contains a front and rear suspension for added durability when coming up against curbs and potholes. The drum brake is encased in the rear tire and has performed well on brake tests. Still, it won’t be as powerful as a dual brake system, but still powerful nonetheless. The pneumatic tires are 8 inches and stick to ground effectively. If you like big, chunky tires, check out the Razor Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter.

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Battery Life

The Horizon Practical Commuter Scooter boasts an incredibly high range of 26 miles on a single charge. This is the largest we’ve seen of any scooter in its class, such as the Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter, which still has an impressive 15-mile range. The battery recharge time is also phenomenal at 5-7 hours. This is perfect for both throughout the day charging and overnight charging alike.


One gripe concerning the design and durability of the Horizon Scooter is the location of the charging port. Placed on the front of the scooter deck, the wheels must be turned while charging or else risk the wheel shearing the plug off or damaging the charging port. Other than that, the scooter is made out of quality materials and put together by hefty metal bolts so you needn’t worry about it breaking down if it takes a bump or two.


The Horizon Scooter comes with the standard six-month warranty that most scooters get, so there should be no problem there. At 42 pounds it is a bit on the heavy side, but that’s to be expected with scooters with a high-quality build. The deck is also quite spacious, one of the biggest we’ve seen, so there’s plenty of space to position yourself comfortably for your most optimal riding experience.

Horizon Practical Commuter Wrap Up

It’s easy to see why the Horizon Practical Commuter is considered one of the best electric scooters. The pneumatic tires grip the road easily and the charge time and mile range are second to none. It is heavy, but that’s to be expected with scooters constructed of high-quality materials. But you must take extra care when charging it lest you damage the charging port. Although not exactly a big issue, we can see how this may turn some potential buyers off.

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