Honeywell True HEPA Air Filter Review

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Updated January 13, 2023
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honeywell true hepa air filter

Raise your hand if you’re skeptical about Hepa filters? Since you can’t see what I’m doing, I’m literally raising my hand, or used to. That is until I had the chance to test out Honeywell’s True HEPA Compact Tower air purifier. For a quick lowdown about the fuss on what HEPA’s about, check this article on medical-grade HEPA filtration. These make some of the most highly-rated air purifiers in the world.

In terms of the gadgets, we review it’s relatively unremarkable. Its body is crafted from plastic, there is a dial on the top to control 3 fans speeds, and the back flap opens up, allowing you to change out the HEPA filters, which needs to happen once a year. HEPA filters are typically not reusable, but if you wind up with an air purifier model that uses reusable, permanent filters, I recommend that you learn how to clean a permanent air purifier filter. You may want to check out our Honeywell True HEPA reviews for more great options. This Honeywell model also includes a carbon filter in the box that is designed to filter out odors and smells. Since my bedroom has a scented oil therapy thingy – the chicks dig it – I opted to not use this.

So why am I now a card-carrying HEPA air filter fan?  Before I tested out Honeywell’s True HEPA air filter I vacuumed my room once a week. And every week I collected a fair amount of dust. Now, keep in mind that I leave my windows closed 90% of the year, if not more. Crazy, I know, but since I have a fairly strong allergy to mold I figure it better to play it safe than not (plus I live in Santa Monica and it doesn’t get above 75 degrees even during the summer).

After installing Honeywell’s True HEPA air filter and letting it run for a week I could notice not only a reduction in the dust on my nightstands and the edge of my LED TV, but even in the vacuum after completing a solid sweep. But it gets better than that. I also noticed that I now wake up feeling far less congested, which leads me to the only logical conclusion; the Honeywell Hepa filter actually does work to improve the air quality of a room. Other models I considered were the Honeywell HHT-145 HEPAClean Germ reducing air purifier and the Honeywell True allergen remover.

In terms of effectiveness, my room is about 15×15 at the most, which doesn’t include my bathroom or closets. Nonetheless, it’s designed to work in rooms up to 300 sq feet, but since I can only attest to my room and my experience, I can say it’s effective. Our Honeywell True Hepa air purifier review showcases a compact air purifier that allows you to move it around your house. Moving on, throughout my testing, I kept the fan at 1, which is the lowest setting, though on certain days, say after I had the windows open, I’d crank it to the highest setting, 3, and let it filter out all the toxins that had been collected in my room’s air. However, in this setting, the fan can be a bit intrusive, especially if you watch TV or listen to music close by, but the lowest setting didn’t impede upon my movie-watching experience.

So what more can I say. The Honeywell True HEPA  works. It cleans the air, isn’t too loud, and is easy to set up. It’s not the coolest looking of Hepafilters, but it’s not the worst.

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  • Based on my experience, it works to reduce allergens in the air
  • Easy to set up and use
  • HEPA filters have to be replaced yearly
  • Fan can be very imposing in the highest setting
You can buy the Honeywell True HEPA air filter, or a variation thereof, at Amazon.
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