Honeywell Tower Fan Review

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Updated April 28, 2023
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It’s hard to find a reliable oscillating tower fan at a reasonable price. But the Honeywell Tower Fan is precisely that. It’s a well-built, reasonably quiet, and fast tower fan. That’s why at this price, it’s the best fan for a baby room that you can buy. And, because of its tall size, it doesn’t really make the greatest desk fan. For a table unit, you might like the Lasko Air Stick Tabletop fan.

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Why We Like It – Honeywell Tower Fan

The Honeywell Tower Fan might not be one of the best tower fans out there. But at its price and with the number of modern features it provides, you can’t go wrong with this tower fan.

  • Eight different speed settings
  • Honeywell quiet set technology for controlling the white noise
  • Remote control included
  • Too loud in high-speed modes

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This fan is powerful enough to send the breeze through a big area. So the Honeywell QuietSet whole-room tower fan works very well in a large room. And the air quality is fresh too. Granted, it’s not at the level of air purifiers; it’s still pretty good. It has eight different speed settings that you can choose from according to your acceptable noise level. If you need even more air movement in the entire room, you need an air circulator fan. In that case, go for the Hurricane HGC736503.


Honeywell has a good reputation for its durable and well-made tower fans. The Honeywell Tower Fan is no different and shouldn’t fail on you for quite a while. Even if you select one of the faster cooling options to run the tower fan at all times, the motor doesn’t break easily. Even if you use it as a pedestal fan or a floor fan, it will work very reliably. You just need to vacuum it out every now and then. However, should it quit, you’ll want to check out the model in our PELONIS oscillating tower fan review. And, you don’t need to see if the AC thermostat is not working on this unit since it’s not an air conditioner.

Noise/Sound Level

The low setting consists of three-speed modes. And in those modes, you usually won’t be able to hear anything. If you put your ear right beside the fan and concentrate, you can probably only notice a low humming sound, nothing more. However, on higher speed settings, the fan goes from being slightly audible to very loud. If your budget allows, go for the PureFlow QT7 if you need a more portable fan for quiet cooling.

Versatility/Modern Features

The Honeywell Quietset Tower Fan has many features that you don’t usually see at this price. It comes with a touch control panel. And the included remote control works exceptionally well. It even features a 1-8 hour timer for shutting off automatically. If you’re a fan of these modern controls, our Lasko FH500 review features another unit with a modern look and series of functions.


If you need a standard-sized oscillating tower fan that can provide decent wind speed at reasonable loudness levels, The Honeywell Tower Fan is for you. It’s a great performer with features to match and is excellent in terms of being value for money. And on top of that, you get Honeywell’s limited one-year warranty. If you don’t need all the extra features, you can also look at the Lasko Air Stick Tabletop fan. It’s a fairly usable wind curve fan at a cheaper price.

Honeywell Tower Fan Wrap Up

Coming with a touch display control panel, oscillation, remote control, and many other useful features, the Honeywell Tower Fan sums up to be a tremendous oscillating tower fan to buy, especially at its price.