Honeywell HT900E Review

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Updated July 11, 2022
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90 Expert Rating

The Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan is a fantastic fan for small to medium-sized rooms like a home office, bedroom, or living room. You could use this top-tier fan in larger rooms, like a garage, but it might not be able to get the job done as well as you’d like. It could also be the best desk fan or even the best camping fan.

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Why We Like It – Honeywell HT900E

The Honeywell HT900E includes options for three speeds and a 90-degree pivoting head so you can choose how cold you want the room and which direction you’d like the air to travel. The Aerodynamic Turbo Design helps the air move throughout a room efficiently and, if you really want it out of the way, the fan can be mounted too.

  • Great for Small to Medium Sized Rooms
  • Helps Save on Energy Costs
  • Quiet
  • Not Ideal For Larger Rooms
  • Takes Batteries

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Unlike the Holmes Lil Blizzard Oscillating table fan, the Honeywell HT900E has three speeds and a 90-degree pivoting head to allow you to blow air wherever you need to. The fan is compact, allowing you to easily bring it to whatever room needs cooling, and powerful enough to provide that colling as long as it’s a small to medium-sized room. Check out the Lasko 2265QM if you need a fan for a much larger room, like a garage or attic. Also, check out the best wall mount fan or best fans for college dorms, you’re guaranteed to see this on there too!


The Honeywell HT900E weighs just shy of three pounds which makes it easy to move from room to room or to mount if you so choose. It only takes batteries which is a bit unfortunate considering most other fans can plug into a wall. But then again, because the fan isn’t bound to the wall it’s a lot more versatile. So we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether a battery-operated fan is a plus or not.

Noise/Sound Level

The unique blade design of the Honeywell HT900E makes the fan create less noise but still allows it to be immensely powerful. In fact, it’s designed to be around 25% quieter than other competitive models. So feel free to put it in your bedroom to get a cooler sleep without waking or in your office to get cooler without noise disturbing your concentration.

Versatility/Modern Features

The Honeywell HT900E can be mounted if your room is already cluttered and you want to save space. The fan is also small enough that it can be placed on a table or desk without issue if mounting doesn’t seem like a task you’d like to undertake.


Honeywell HT900E Fans have an aerodynamic turbo design to maximize air movement through the room so that the room cools faster. You’ll be able to feel the cool air blowing from the fan from as much as 27 feet away. And because the air circulates through the room so efficiently you’ll not need to use your air conditioner and will be saving on energy costs!

Honeywell HT900E Wrap Up

The Honeywell HT900E is quiet and won’t disturb you when working or sleeping. The Aerodynamic Turbo Design will help save on energy costs by circulating air around the room and thus eliminating the use of an air conditioner. It does run on batteries, but that’s usually the trade-off you’ll have to make with a portable fan like this one.

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