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Honeywell is a well known multinational conglomerate that’s got a wide range of technology products and appliances that it produces. The company is also widely popular for its range of air purifiers, and it has a product that’s suitable for any price range. The Honeywell HPA250b for example is a mid tier air purifier that’s got a bunch of smart connectivity features that make it easy to operate, but not quite the best air purifier around. It does however have a solid chance of being the best smart air purifier you can get at $246, but only if you think its advanced connectivity features would be worth paying the extra dollar for.

Why We Like It – Honeywell HPA250b

With an easy to use touch screen control panel, a pair of HEPA filters, a pre filter 4 different cleaning levels and a 5 year warranty, the Honeywell HPA250b Bluetooth Smart True HEPA air purifier is easily capable of filling your room with clean air, as long as you keep up with its filter replacement schedule.

  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Filter Status Indicator
  • Auto Timer
  • Only available in black


The Honeywell air purifier is a capable air cleaning unit that is guaranteed to greatly improve the air quality in a large room of up to 310 sq ft in size. The smart air purifier runs a two stage air filtration system where air passes through a carbon pre filter to get rid of any bad odours, before getting through a True HEPA air filter that gets rid of any pet dander, dust, pollen, viruses and bacteria. This may not be as elaborate as the 6 stage filtration system on the Rabbit Air Minusa2 Air Purifier, though it remains a much cheaper option compared to it.


To keep the Honeywell HPA250 Bluetooth Smart True HEPA allergen remover energy efficient, you could choose to run it with its auto off timer on, and this option makes a lot of sense especially if you’d want to keep it running at night. The unit also features advanced electronic touch screen controls, and these make it a lot easier to use, and allow for you to choose specifically which cleaning level you’d like it to function at. You’ll be able to switch it between Germ, General Clean, Allergen & Turbo, as well as a mode that activates it’s VOC sensor – a feature you won’t find on the Airmega 400S.


The Honeywell HPA HEPA air purifier is capable of doing up to 5 air changes in an hour in a 310 sq ft room size, and this adds up to about 120 times per day. The unit also has up to 4 different fan speed levels, and these correspond to the 4 different modes that you could have the fan running in. This doesn’t quite match up to the 5 fan speed levels that you’ll find on the Bissell Air Purifier, but if you wouldn’t want to keep switching between its different settings, you could also choose to have it running in auto mode.


With an impressive 5 year warranty period backing the Honeywell Bluetooth Smart air purifier, you should have no doubts as to its potential to be your long lasting solution to your air cleaning needs. There’s also an indicator that lets you know whenever you need to do any kind of filter replacement, and you can expect to have the True HEPA filter changed every 12 months. The carbon filter on the other hand should be replaced every 3-4 months for best performance.


Honeywell air purifiers are known to be of top quality, and as you’ve seen in this HPA250b review, there’s a lot of features that have it stand out compared to other options in the market. One of its highlights is its support for Bluetooth technology, as it allows for you to connect to and control the unit through your smartphone.

Honeywell HPA250b Wrap Up

Only available in black, the HPA250b is a worthwhile option for anyone that wants to have a reliable air purifier that can be controlled through your phone. The unit guarantees up to 5 air changes per hour, and offers a multi-year warranty for ongoing support.

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