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The Honeywell Air Circulator Fan circulates powerful, three speed air through medium to large rooms quickly and efficiently. It can do the same thing if you decide to use it outside too. It’s a little on the heavy side, comparatively, but it still shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to carry around room to room. Check out our best outdoor fan list for more great options!

Why We Like It – Honeywell Double Blade Fan

The Honeywell Double Blade Fan works well with air purifiers and heating cooling systems to not only provide you with clean air, but a steady breeze of clean air too. It comes with a remote control so you can control it from wherever you like, and the removable grille makes it easy to clean so you aren’t blowing germs everywhere.

  • Power Air Flow for Medium to Large Rooms
  • Auto Shut-Off Timer
  • Stable, Heavy-Duty Base
  • Heavy than Most
  • No dB Levels
  • No Fan White, or other colors, available


The Honeywell Double Blade Pedestal Stand Fan Black has two fan blades and three speed settings with an oscillating head. This allows for a cooling fan capable of taking care of a large room without much issue. Combine this with your favourite air purifiers to achieve cool, refreshing air quality in any room. The Honeywell Black Fan fan also offers three breeze options for even further customizable cooling.


The Honeywell 3 Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fans contains a removable grill for easy cleaning and a heavy-duty, stable base so the fan doesn’t fall over even if it gets knocked. It weighs about 14 pounds, which is pretty heavy, admittedly, but still not that bad if you want to move it from room to room. If you’d like to have one that weighs much less and can even double as a table fan, consider the Ryobi Fan.

Noise/Sound Level

The Honeywell Oscillating Tower Fan Black is stated to give a quiet breeze. There aren’t any dB levels explicitly stated, but the fan reviewed well on noise level on Amazon. Customer reviews remarked on how quiet the fan was and how excellent it was to be used for white noise. One customer did measure the dB level at about 40, which is pretty standard, if slightly more quiet, than fans of its class.

Versatility/Modern Features

The Honeywell Pedestal Fan Black can be controlled via a remote control or via electronic controls found on the fan itself. These controls also include an auto shut-off timer. If you’re the type who doesn’t want to waste brain space on remembering to turn off a fan, this feature is a welcome one. Fans Honeywell also have an adjustable height of up to 48 inches which is fantastic for changing it from a floor fan to a pedestal fan. If you want a great fan that’s more traditionally a floor fan, we would recommend the B-Air FIRTANA.


The Honeywell Double Blade Oscillating Fan comes in the color black with the color white not available. It’s a shame there isn’t at least one more color as it would make it so much easier to match with decor. Check out the Geek Aire Fan if you like boldness with your colors. But overall, for a $50.oo fan, you really can’t go wrong with the Honeywell Double Blade Fan. It’s inexpensive yet still offers a wide array of impressive features.

Honeywell Double Blade Fan Wrap Up

The Honeywell Fan contains an auto shut-off timer and a heavy base so you don’t need to worry about leaving it on all night or having a rattling noise when on high. There aren’t any dB levels explicitly stated, but customer reviews can out those fears to rest. And if the only downside is that it’s only available in black, well, that’s a small price to pay.

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