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If you happen to live in an area where there’s hot air with low humidity, you might find that an evaporative air cooler might be very useful to you. Evaporative air coolers work based on the cooling effect that’s created during evaporation, and this happens when warm air gets through the wet cooling media and effectively gets cooled. It is this cool air that is then blown out through to a room or a floor area, producing a cool breeze that will feel great in a hot environment. When shopping around for the best evaporative air conditioner, the deciding factors that will likely inform your decision are how large your room is, and how long you’ll want the portable air cooler to be able to run. The Honeywell CO48PM indoor outdoor evaporative air cooler is impressive in both aspects, and is one of the evaporative coolers that you ought to seriously look at before you make your decision.

Why We Like It – Honeywell CO48PM

The Honeywell CO48PM provides energy efficient cooling, at a price that is way less than what you’d pay for the typical air conditioner. This model guarantees a cool breeze whether you’re indoors or outdoors, and has a decent air flow capacity of 1062 Cubic Feet Per Minute

  • Triple sided honeycomb for wider coverage
  • Large 10.5 Gallon water tank
  • 29.5 Feet air throw
  • No programmable timer


The Honeywell CO48PM indoor outdoor evaporative air cooler is designed to best serve a floor area of up to 640 sq ft, making it ideal for mid size conference halls, or even large outdoor events. The Honeywell evaporative air cooler is equipped with a water tank that has a capacity of up to 10 Gallons, and on top of that, also allows for a hose connection for continuous water supply. It shares these features with the Hessaire MC37M air cooler, but the two are different in that the Honeywell evaporative air cooler has an air flow output of about 1062 Cubic Feet Per Minute, while that of the MC37M is way higher at 3100.

Energy Efficiency

Air conditioners have a solid reputation for driving up electricity bills, and this is one area of comparison where evaporative air coolers always emerge as the more energy efficient option. The Honeywell model CO48M for example will only require 150 Watts to function, but just like the Hessaire MC18M, it also doesn’t have a timer, so you will have to manually switch it on or off before or after use.


In both the CO48PM Honeywell outdoor indoor evaporative cooler and the Luma Comfort EC111B, it is the cooling media that is used to prevent any sort of dust or fine particles from getting spread out into the room that’s being cooled. The Honeycomb cooling media on the Honeywell cooler are also triple sided, adding to the large surface area through which cooler air gets distributed through.


As is the industry standard, you’ll only get a 1 year warranty with the Honeywell CO48M indoor outdoor, weather resistant air cooler. This assures you of continued customer service & support even after you make your purchase. There’s also very little maintenance required to keep it in tip top condition, and it’s got a UV resistant body that makes it suitable for outdoor use.


An evaporative cooler is essential for anyone living in an area where there’s low humidity because as the water evaporation occurs within the unit, the moisture produced can also be used to humidify your living space when relying on it for indoor use.

Honeywell CO48PM Wrap Up

If you’re only familiar with using an air conditioner, you may be a bit hesitant to make the switch to evaporative cooling. If this sounds like your predicament, please try and go through the customer reviews that have been left by customers who went ahead and bought the CO48M or other related products, and maybe then you will have an easier time making your purchase.

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