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Honda’s Newest Hybrid Looks Awfully Prius


Honda unleashed some pics of their newest hybrid today, the Honday Insight.  Does anyone else think this thing looks like a carbon copy of the Toyota Prius?  Expect the usual hybrid setup with a gas engine as the main power source and batteries serving as backup for what is generally considered gas guzzling activities.

Good news, though.  The Honda Insight will cost just $18,500.  No surprise there, since it looks like they didn’t spend any money on the car’s design.  It should be interesting to see how Toyota reacts with their rumored ‘solar paneled’ Prius.

Expect the Insight Spring of 2009

Full press release after the ‘leap’

Honda to Display Concept Model of All-New Insight Dedicated Hybrid Vehicle Scheduled for Release in 2009 at Paris Motor Show

TOKYO, Japan, September 4, 2008 – Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced that it will display the concept model of its all-new Insight dedicated hybrid vehicle at the 2008 Paris Motor Show (October 2–19; Press Days: October 2–3). Honda is introducing the advanced Insight to meet the needs of customers in a new era of widespread demand for hybrid vehicles.

The name Insight was chosen to denote Honda’s “insight” into a new era in which hybrid vehicles come within reach of most car buyers.

A five-door, five-passenger compact hatchback, the new Insight will feature an innovative new platform in which the battery and control unit are located beneath the cargo space for exceptional utility and a light, pleasing driving feel. The new Insight features Honda’s innovative, highly efficient compact hybrid powerplant, in which a gasoline engine serves as the main power source and the electric motor assists when extra power is needed, such as during passing or start-up and acceleration.

The new Insight also features a new driving support function that helps drivers make the most of its exceptional fuel economy to achieve more efficient, environmentally responsible driving.

Thanks to reductions in the weight and size of the Insight’s key components, Honda has also achieved significant cost reductions.

Honda plans to introduce the production version of the all-new Insight to the markets in Japan, Europe and North America in spring 2009 and projects annual global sales of 200,000 units.

At the Paris Motor Show, Honda will also display the FCX Clarity, its fuel cell automobile that offers the ultimate in clean performance, producing absolutely no CO2 emissions in operation; and a design study model of the CR-Z lightweight sports hybrid vehicle, scheduled to be released in the near future.


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