Honda Now Offers Autopilot

Apparently, you can now order your Honda with autopilot. Well not quite, but close. Honda has developed a camera based technology that keeps your car on the road when you aren’t. The new safety system, called Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), takes a snap shot of the road and determines what lane you’re in to keep you steady ahead. LKAS is designed to be a safety measure in the event that you fall asleep or aren’t paying attention. Its not an autopilot. As a technological disclaimer, Honda’s LKAS will only provide 80% of the necessary torque to steer you clear, you have to provide the other 20%. If you don’t react with the systems ‘move’ within 6-15 seconds it beeps loudly and then disengages. The system works in conjunction with distant safety cruise control, which measures the distance between you and the other car and adjusts speeds accordingly.

We should see this new technology on the Honda ’06 Accord in the next few weeks.

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  1. This sounds very good for saftey when driving, but the problem I would have is hate being a passenger in a car, I like to be in control of the car, I even do not use cruse control as I feel out of control, so yes great idea but not for me.

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