Honda FCX: Full-Cell car test drive

Honda is officially test driving the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered car. How are they testing the Honda FCX? Well they’re leasing it to Jon Spallino, an average guy, for $500. Considering the only existing Honda FCX is worth about $1 million dollars, I’d say he got a good deal.

So what’s the big deal about hydrogen fuel cells? Well since they work by combining hydrogen and the oxygen in the air for fuel, the result is water. (H20). That’s right, no more carbon monoxide. No more green house gases. Just water vapor coming out of that tailpate. We could break dependency on fossil fuels and end greenhouse gases. What’s the catch?

We’re going to need to bring the price tag way below $1 million for a car and we’re going to need hydrogen refilling stations throughout the world. Feasible? Probably, not with the money big oil companies have. But still, a hydrogen fuel cell car being driven around California? Neat!

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