Honda Clarity Is The Company’s Official Water Sipping Car

Concerned about the environment?  Sweating it out during the summer heat waves?  Stop, because your carbon footprint can now be negated, albeit partially, with the purchase of Honda’s newest ultra eco friendly fuel cell car, the Clarity.

The name, which was announced today, isn’t actually all that new, or surprising.  But until now, the company was calling it the FCEV.  If Clarity sounds familiar, it’s because Honda used it on a previous fuel cell car back in 2008, around the time when we started publishing Honda reviews.

Total range for the Hydrogen sipping locomotive will be roughly 300 miles.  Provided of course you’ve got a gas station in your neighborhood.  And by that I mean California.  And even in Cali there aren’t many – I can think of one in West LA.

Out the gate Honda doesn’t plan to sell direct to individual consumers, at least in Japan.  Instead they’ll focus on governments and business customers that have expressed interest in Hydrogen tech.  Regular consumer sales will then began at a later time.  When all this or that will be is still TBD.

Pricing for the Clarity is set at 7.6 million Yen.  That’s $63,610 in the US, which is far cheaper than the original Clarity, but still no drop in the bucket. That being said, official US pricing has yet to be announced and it’s important to keep in mind that Honda plans to lease the vehicle, not sell it out right.

Here’s hoping for a review unit.

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