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Updated January 25, 2022
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For the best countertop blender, check out Homgeek Blender reviews. It’s also one of our picks for the best blender to puree food. Not only is it great for smoothies, but you can even make baby food and nut butters. It’s a great choice for any countertop blender.

Why We Like It – Homgeek Blender

For a budget-friendly countertop blender, check out Homgeek Blender reviews. We love the flexibility of this blender, being able to replace a typical food processor. And it has three layers of stainless steel blades to more finely crush ice and make smoothies.

  • Self-cleaning and dishwasher safe
  • 10 speed settings
  • BPA free Tritan jar
  • Blender “wanders” across countertop while in use


The Homgeek blender smoothie maker has a 1450 watt motor that can handle the toughest ingredients, from hard vegetables, to nuts, to even ice. It has a 2.25 horsepower motor, making it an incredibly powerful blender. It has 8 stainless steel blades to make the creamiest smoothies, and is one of the best blenders for pureeing tomatoes and other foods for salsa or dressing.


This high speed blender has 10 speed settings rather than pre programmed modes, so you’re not locked in to functions you don’t need. If you want more power, just turn up the dial! It also has a pulse feature to give you more control. It can reach 30000RMP; compare its top speeds to the Cuisinart Hurricane Pro.


This Homgeek blender is surprisingly high quality, with a BPA free Tritan pitcher that’s more durable than glass. It’s self-cleaning, meaning you can put in a couple drops of soap and warm water and turn it on. Or, you can even throw the pitcher in the dishwasher to get it extra clean. The Homgeek blender has a deeper overlap between the pitcher and the base so there’s no risk of coming apart while blending. However, many Amazon reviewers noted that the feet on the base don’t grip the counter well, and many had to hold the blender down while in use.


The Homgeek blender is pretty versatile, with the ability to process your favorite foods with a whopping 10 speeds. You can make nut butter and baby food, puree salsas and dressings, and yes, make creamy smoothies. While it doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as professional grade blenders, it’s perfect for everyday family use.


The Homgeek blender is incredibly budget-friendly, especially compared to other professional blenders like the Vitamix 7500 Professional Grade Blender. The biggest value is that you’re not paying for extra settings that you won’t use everyday. It works well and is very durable, so it’ll definitely last a long time. Also, this blender comes with a 1-year warranty, which is definitely a plus.

Homgeek Blender Wrap Up

For a heavy duty, powerful motor, look no further than the Homgeek blender. Its 68 ounce pitcher is a great size for any countertop, and it’s rated very highly for a budget-friendly blender. Of course, if you’re looking for a more professional countertop blender, check out Vitamix Professional Series 750 reviews instead.

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