Home Brew Ohio Home Brewing Kit Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re looking for starter kits, you should definitely stay away from the Home Brew Ohio Home Brewing Kit. At least for the time being. But when you become an intermediate level brewer, you should check it out. You can also check out our best home brewing kit to see which one is right for you!

Why We Like It – Home Brew Ohio Home Brewing Kit

As far as intermediate to advanced brew kits are concerned, you really cannot go wrong with the Home Brew Ohio Home Brewing Kit if you’re looking to make craft beer in the comfort of your own home. It includes everything you need and works with any recipe kit to create a beer you truly want to drink.

  • Able to add your own malt extract
  • Fills 50+ bottle of beer
  • Amazing for advanced brewers
  • Not designed as a starter kit
  • Flimsy plastic bottle capper
  • Reusable bottles sold separately


The Home Brew Ohio Home Brewing Kit is a pretty comprehensive beer brewing kit, but reusable bottles need to be purchased separately. Still, you can’t go wrong picking it up if you’re already used to making your own beer. If you’re not, new products like the Mr Beer Premium Home Brewing Kit should have you covered. On a positive note, consumers are able to add their own malt-extract. This is fantastic news for anyone wanting to add their own recipes or use their own ingredients. If you’d rather have a product that comes with up to 4 recipe kits, go for the Deluxe Homebrewing Starter Kit.


The Home Brew Ohio Beer Making Kit comes with everyone you need to brew your own beer: a bottle brush, bottle capper, a bottling bucket, 5 gallon glass carboy, and a massive 7.8 gallon fermenting bucket. A bucket of this size can get you a good 50+ standard-sized bottles of beer. If that’s a little too much and you want something more low-key and beginner friendly, we recommend the Mr. Beer Long Play IPA 2 Gallon Home Brewing Kit.


The Ohio Home Brewing Kit includes a lot of nifty accessories in the box. However, one such accessory, the auto siphon, isn’t included and must be purchased separately. What’s also not included is a stainless steel fermenter (I guess at the cost of making the fermenting bucket so big). Those are good to have, so try the Northern Brewer Home Brewing Kit if you desperately desire one. If you order from the Home Brew Ohio website you’ll qualify for free shipping (anything over $50.00 in the continental US qualifies you), and that’s always a bonus.

Home Brew Ohio Home Brewing Kit Wrap Up

The Home Brew Ohio Home Brewing Kit is a fantastic brew kit for the intermediate to advanced brewer who wants to take the next step in their beer brewing journey and brew a beer from their own malt extract. If you believe yourself ready, then have confidence in yourself, then start brewing with the Home Brew Ohio Home Brewing Kit. But remember, just in case you get too intoxicated after a wild night, you’ll definitely need any one of the best products to prevent a hangover.

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