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Forget screwing a banana hook onto your cabinets and opt for one on your counter, provided you have the space. For the most straightforward design, but overall good performance, the Home Basics Flat Banana Hangers makes the argument for the best banana hook. It’s sturdy steel frame can handle a few pounds of bananas, without taking up too much counter space.

Why We Like It – Home Basics Flat Banana Hangers

The most straightforward banana holder you’ll find: simple design, no installation required, small, and fits in any kitchen.

  • Made of steel; very sturdy and balanced
  • Takes up very little space
  • Free shipping
  • Not aesthetically pleasing


Being able to lift bananas off the counter and onto a hook really extended the life of our bananas. It helped ensure that they ripened evenly and avoided bruising. At the same time, the hook was capable of handling several pounds of bananas, and since they didn’t ripen at awkward times it’s possible to buy large quantities of bananas and not worry about any going bad too soon. It really helps that the arch of the hook starts in the back and loops over the base.


What helps the Home Basics Flat Wire Banana Tree perform so well is largely credited to its design. What a banana holder needs, above all, is balance and good, strong material. This one has both. For starters, the Home Basics Flat Banana Holder is made of stainless steel. Not only does that make it strong, but also rust-resistant. Lastly, the weight of the bananas are balanced out by the wide base, preventing it from tipping over. And no hardware mounting necessary like the YYST Organizer Stainless Heavyweight Included.


Taking into consideration the Home Basics Flat Banana Hangers’s performance, design, and overall strength, plus free shipping, we can easily slap a seal of good value on this particular hanger. It’s simple, not too big, and can hold several pounds of bananas. However, it isn’t particularly nice to look at. If you enjoy other fruit, in addition to bananas, then you’d be happier with a Decobros Fruit Banana Hanger Bronze Bowl. But if you’re a space saver, then the Gadjit Banana Hook Hanger offers better value, and isn’t limited to just bananas.

Home Basics Flat Banana Hangers Wrap Up

The Home Basics Flat Banana Hangers is as simple as it gets, which in the case of aesthetics isn’t always the best option. It’s smartly designed, using strong steel and a balanced base to hold several pounds of bananas, while avoiding taking up too much counter space. For $13 and free shipping, we aren’t going to argue with a deal like that.

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