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The Homcom office chair is a very popular pick for buyers that are looking for a nice go between that can be both the best massage office chair and the best massage gaming chair. It’s design is also like that of the typical office chair, so it will very well fit in with the rest of your office furniture. If you’re planning to get it for your home office, you might have a bit more freedom in terms of what color you can get it in, so instead of the traditional black or brown colors, then you could get it in a cream white or red option. With that said, color is not the only thing there is to talk about the Homcom office chair. Stick around to see what more it’s got to offer.

Why We Like It – Homcom Office Chair

The Homcom Office Chair is a pocket friendly option that most people would opt for especially if they’re not looking to spend too much money on their office or home furniture. The chair is heavily padded and upholstered with high quality PU leather, giving it a very premium feel.

  • Heavily padded back rest, armchair and backrest for added comfort
  • Remote controlled massage function
  • Can include a two year warranty
  • Not the most breathable chair


Lumbar support will always be a major talking point whenever you’re looking to get a new office chair. The Homcom office chair addresses this issue through its curved back seat design, which supports your spine as you lean back whenever you want to tilt it. The chair is limited to a weight capacity of about 26 pounds, so if you think you might weigh heavier than that, then the Shiatsu Massage Office Chair might be worth considering since it can support up to 300 pounds.


This Homcom office chair is heavily padded to ensure maximum comfort by users, and this is very important especially if you intend to sit on it for long periods of time. The heavy padding can be found on the backrest, armrest and seat cushion, making the whole seat very comfortable to touch. The high quality PU leather material feels very soft to touch, is easy to clean and is pretty much fade resistant even with everyday use.


Making seating adjustments on the Homcom office chair is very easy to do thanks to the easy to use reclining button that’s on the side of the bottom seat, and the adjustable height lever that’s just below it. The backrest can recline up to an angle of 135 degrees, and it does allow for slight back and forth rocking for when you need to take a break from your normal working routine.


The extra padding that comes with the high quality PU leather of this chair may tend to heat up after sitting on it for long hours, but this is not to say that the Homcom Office Chair is not great for long stretches of work. The chair does cool down pretty quickly, so you shouldn’t shun it because of that.


The massage feature on this Homcom chair is by far one of the most advanced that you’ll get on high back office chairs. Just like the Windaze Massage Chair Office Swivel Executive Ergonomic Heated Vibrating Chair, it comes with a remote that you can choose to adjust your preferred massage setting. The chair comes with 6 different massage points targeting the upper back, lower back and legs. If you’re in the market for something that’s a bit more sporty looking with a racing car design, maybe the KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair might be worth considering.

Homcom Office Chair Wrap Up

Anyone looking for a budget office chair that ticks all the boxes as far as comfortability is concerned should give the Homcom office chair a shot. The chair comes with a 5 star base for extra stability, smooth rolling casters for easy movement, and soft PVC leather upholstery with thick foam padding that gives it a very premium feel.

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