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Many people have the misconception that the best drones can’t be found for under 100 bucks. But build quality aside, the Holy Stone HS200 might just be one of the best indoor drone options at only $60. The HD camera built-in consistently produces high quality results all the time. And that makes it one of the best FPV racing drone options at this price as well.

Why We Like It – Holy Stone HS200

A vast number of affordable drones skip the camera and many other vital functions in order to hit its low price tag. But, maybe because the Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone is newer, it has pretty much everything built-in while costing just $60.

  • Excellent flight time
  • HD FPV camera with 120° field of view
  • One key return function
  • It doesn’t hover very well

Speed & Power

You get a whopping four different speed settings with the Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone. That alone makes this quadcopter one of the best FPV racing drone options available below $100. Mainly because, on cheap quadcopters, most manufacturers only include two or three different speed modes. However, racing drone maniacs should rather get the UVify OOri for better speeds.


Most cheap & small drones that are marketed as indoor drones don’t really come with great range. And the Holy Stone HS200 drone is no different. Even with the included remote control attached to your phone (WiFi), you’re not going to be able to beat something costlier like the Tello Quadcopter Drone in terms of range.


The build quality of this quadcopter is just decent, nothing extraordinary. But there are a few quality control concerns. The altitude hold function doesn’t work very well in a few units, making live video capture pretty much impossible during hovering. But these issues really just come with the price. If you don’t wanna deal with all these and need a drone that just works, you’re gonna have to spend more on the DJI Spark Remote Controlled drone.

Camera Features

The Holy Stone FPV RC drone comes with a 720p HD camera packed inside. And features like headless mode, one button take really helps users get the angles of their choice and offers a lot of freedom. Some might complain about the resolution of this FPV camera, but this is really the best you’re going to get at this price.


One thing’s for sure, this is not a drone that you should buy if you need real time live video feed over long distances. But for almost anything else, the Holy Stone FPV RC drone is a fantastic quadcopter equipped with an HD camera.

Holy Stone HS200 Wrap Up

Very few quirks aside, the Holy Stone HS200 drone is an excellent buy at $60. And Amazon currently has a 5% extra discount coupon on it, which makes this drone even more enticing.

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