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The best drones available in the market usually cost $500-$600 or more. But what if we told you that there’s a drone available that comes with the exact same specs as the professional drones for just 160 bucks. The Holy Stone HS120D drone achieves exactly that while keeping the price low, making it an excellent midrange contender for the best selfie drone title. And the fact that it also comes with its own carrying case/bag really goes a long way towards establishing trust in the brand.

Why We Like It – Holy Stone HS120D

FPV drones for capturing live video are hard to come by below $200. However, the Holy Stone HS120D not only exceeds all expectations in terms of the camera, but it also sports different flight functionalities (e.g., headless mode, altitude hold, etc.) that can only be seen on high-end quadcopters.

  • Impressive 36 minutes of flight time
  • Double drone battery
  • One key auto return home mode
  • Only 25 FPS video

Speed & Power

There are three speed modes on this FPV drone. And at the highest speed setting, it can achieve 30+ miles per hour (almost 50 KMPH). It’s as good as the DJI Spark Remote Controlled drone, a DJI video quadcopter that costs more than double.


The max control range of this drone is about 984 feet. However, unlike the SNAPTAIN S5C, it won’t fly into oblivion once it goes out of range. It sports GPS assisted flight, and once it goes out of your sight, you can call it back to you using the one key auto return home mode.


The HS120D drone’s durability is also much better than a mini quadcopter like the ZeroTech DOBBY Drone. Better flight time aside, this drone doesn’t waste any space in its large body. Saying it’s packed to the brim with different flight functions is an understatement.

Camera Features

Even though Holy Stone likes to market the term “UHD,” this drone actually comes equipped with a full HD camera sensor. But don’t worry, it’s a capable one. It’s a perfect pair for the HS120D primarily because of headless mode.


Even at its original price, the Holy Stone HS120D is a fantastic FPV drone that comes with a full HD camera. Not to mention, it ships directly from Amazon. So you do get both free shipping and excellent support. If that is also not enough for you, currently, Amazon has a coupon for this FPV drone that’ll slash 15 bucks right off of it during checkout.

Holy Stone HS120D Wrap Up

All in all, the Holy Stone HS120D drone is a phenomenal quadcopter for the price. No other manufacturer will offer you an insane 36 minutes of flight time at this price.

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