Holmes Blizzard Fan Review

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Updated July 11, 2022
98 Expert Rating

The Holmes Blizzard Fan is the fan for you if you like a little background noise while you’re sleeping or working. And while we wish it was made of metal instead of plastic, it does what it’s supposed to do with ease. Consider it the best desk fan, best air circulator fan, or if you’re in college looking for something to cool down your room, one of the best fans for college dorms.

Why We Like It – Holmes Blizzard Fan

The Holmes Blizzard Fan contains the standard two-speed settings for fans of its size and category. Its adjustable tilt-fan head gives you the freedom to direct airflow for optimal comfort, and the motorized oscillation lets it cool down a room far more quickly and effectively.

  • Removable Front Grill
  • Very Lightweight
  • Great for Background Noise
  • Only Two Speed Settings
  • No Tilt-Degree Rating
  • Made of Plastic


Just like the Holmes Lil Blizzard Oscillating Table Fan, the Holmes Blizzard Fan contains two speed settings, high and low, so you can select your optimal airflow for your comfort. Although two speed settings are fairly common when it comes to desk fans, we have seen fans with more options. Check out the Vornado Pivot for a three speed settings type fan.


This Holmes fan comes with a removable front grill so you can clean the rotating grill with relative ease if need be. The Holmes Blizzard Fan weighs a measly 3 pounds, so it’s easy to bring from room to room, but we do wish the material was made out of something more sturdy, and more reliable, than plastic.

Noise/Sound Level

If you find a little background noise while sleeping or working comforting, then the Holmes 12″ Blizzard Fan is for you. The fan is louder than most fans in its category, with some estimates placing the noise level at an astounding 70dB, but we’ll leave it up to you, the customer, to decide whether this is a feature you do or don’t enjoy.

Versatility/Modern Features

The Holmes Blizzard Fan’s Blizzard Power contains an Advanced Blade System with an adjustable tilt-fan head. This lets you achieve optimal airflow wherever you want it. Unfortunately, there’s no degree rating of how much the fan can tilt. If you want a fan with an impressive tilt that truly gives you air flow freedom, check out the Fancii USB Fan.


While the Holmes Blizzard Fan may not contain a remote control, the motorized oscillation cools larger areas faster and more efficiently. So while it may not be as tech-savvy as the Dyson Air Multiplier, for example, the Holmes Blizzard fan does what a fan is supposed to do: cool a room. And it does it without all the fancy extra gadgets.

Holmes Blizzard Fan Wrap Up

The Holmes Blizzard Fan has succeeded in becoming the choice fan for desks because it’s not loaded with high-tech accessories. Turn it on and let it cool. And with that, you’ve learned how to use it and use it effectively. There are some questionable design choices, to be sure, but it’s an otherwise great fan for any application.

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