Hollywood Sport Rider Review

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Updated February 27, 2023
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If you and a buddy have the Best Electric Bike, you’ll naturally want a Bike Rack for Electric Bikes. It just so happens the Hollywood Sport Rider can handle not one but two electric bikes at a time. More importantly, it’s strong, and its design doesn’t awkwardly hang from your vehicle.

Why We Like It – Hollywood Sport Rider

The Hollywood Sport Rider is just sporting one hitch rack for your electric bike, but two so that you and a friend or loved one can tag along. It’s also compact and robust, handling 80 lbs per bike with ease. On the other hand, if you want to upgrade your traditional bike, you’ll want to read our Bafang BBS02 review.

  • Carries two bikes
  • Maximum capacity of 80 lbs per bike
  • Compact design
  • Some step-thru bikes need a hitch adapter

Durability & Build Quality

The Hollywood Sport Rider has notably robust and heavy-duty wheel holders capable of handling quite a bit of weight. Each cradle has a maximum weight capacity of 80 lbs, and that’s separately—so, altogether, 160 lbs. That’s 20 lbs more than the 60 lbs limit on the Kuat NV Base 2.0. The Thule T2 Pro XT Hitch Bike Rack, on the other hand, has a bike add-on that can expand bike capacity to 4.


When in use, the Hollywood Racks aren’t holding one bike but two bikes into place. And it’s versatile, being able to have various bike types like children’s bikes to adult male bikes. As long as the wheelbase is 60”, it’ll be fine. Step-thru bikes might need a hitch adapter, however. Although, if it’s one of the second-hand electric bikes for sale, it would still be a good one to pick up.

Range & Battery

The Hollywood Sport Hitch Bike Rack doesn’t require batteries to use. It simply attaches to your vehicle, and you’re good to go. However, you should remove the batteries from your bike when traveling.

Safety Features

You didn’t think the bikes just sat on the hitch rack, did you? Nope! It has several safety features to keep them held in place. For starters, the locking frame hooks deter any would-be thieves from swiping your bike, including a hitch pin and 8-inch security cable. For additional safety, the Hollywood Sport Rider folds flat when not in use tilts down when you’re ready to go, just like the Thule T2 Pro XT.


At first glance, $450 sounds expensive for a bike hitch—and, admittedly, it’s a fair bit of money, though cheaper than the Thule EasyFold XT 2. However, you must understand you’re gaining the ability to carry two bikes at once, and the hitch rake is designed to hug your vehicle rather than jut out from your car. It’s also designed with several must-have safety features and a theft deterrent.

Hollywood Sport Rider Wrap Up

There’s very little to dislike about the Hollywood Sport Rider, other than riders of step-thru bikes possibly needing an adapter to make full use of the hitch rack. Other than that, its ability to widely accept a broad spectrum of bikes is a big plus. This is especially true if you’re taking your bike and, say, your kid’s bike for a ride.

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