HOKA ONE ONE Clifton Edge Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The HOKA ONE ONE Clifton Edge Running Shoes are an expensive pair of running shoes that will give you one of the most comfortable and non-painful runs you have ever had in your life. Check out the best running shoes list to see how the HOKA ONE ONE Clifton Edge stacks up against the competition.

Why We Like It – HOKA ONE ONE Clifton Edge

The HOKA ONE ONE Clifton Edge Running Shoe is a no-nonsense running shoe that throws fashion out the window (well, almost, there are still some fashionable elements)in favour of good, comfortable running without causing any undue strain on your feet.

  • Extended Heel
  • Cool looking, breathable upper
  • Highly cushioned
  • Not very fashionable
  • No pull tab
  • Expensive


One of the most eye-catching performance features of the Clifton Edge is the extended heel. It’s jarring, no question about that, but because it’s on both the sides and the rear of the shoe it provides a smooth and easy transition from stride to stride. It’s not exactly fashionable, so try the KUBUA Running Shoes if you’re looking for fashion. The midsole meta rocker works in conjunction with the extended heel on the Clifton Edge to provide an even smoother transition between strides and encourage forward momentum.


The Clifton Edge is a lightweight road shoe with a super-wide platform that provides stability when running (with the aid of the extended heel mentioned above). While it may not be the most fashion-aware shoe, some elements are pretty cool. The upper looks awesome with an embossed TPU yarn and it’s very breathable. It doesn’t come with a pull tab though, so they might be a little hard to put on at times. Try the Nike Revolution 3 if you really want one.


The Clifton Edge shoes retail on Amazon for $170.00. A little on the expensive side, to be sure, but at least it qualifies you for free shipping. If you’re looking for a great pair of shoes at a more affordable price, the ASICS GEL-Venture 5 should have you covered. The Clifton Edge comes in two colours for men and two colours for women which can be good or bad depending on your disposition towards choice, and is highly cushioned (level) for continued support.

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton Edge Wrap Up

The Clifton Edge shoe might make you feel like everyone is staring at you and your funny shoes, but are you running for them or are you running for you and your fitness? If you have some extra money to spend, or don’t mind saving, pick up a pair of Clifton Edge Running Shoes and get yourself in shape!

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