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Chances are pretty high that you’ve probably seen an office chair that looks pretty much like the Hodedah armless, low back, adjustable height, swiveling task chair before, and this is because it’s one of the most affordable office chairs around for children. The Hodedah armless low back task chair costs around $60 and is one of the most common armless low back adjustable office desk chairs that’s bought in bulk for people who want to stick to a particular budget. Is it the best office chair for tailbone pain? Well, not really, but the swiveling task chair does come with a well-padded seat cushion, making it comfortable to sit on.

Why We Like It – Hodedah Armless Task Chair

The Hodedah armless low back adjustable height swiveling task chair is a fantastic piece of office furniture that’s meant for kids. It’s a favorable pick over any other mesh office chair, and because of its lack of armrests, the chair can be used in the kitchen, dining room, or living room.

  • Quite affordable
  • 1.5 inch padded seat cushion
  • Available in 4 colors
  • No armrests


In all honesty, the Hodedah armless desk chair cannot be compared to the Herman Miller Aeron office task chair in terms of what it has to offer in regards to lumbar support to your mid-back region. The chair also lacks a high back seat, but it still remains a comfortable home office chair that is great for home and office use. What you want to remember as you purchase it is that it’s meant for children, just like the HON ValuTask low-back chair. So, if want a chair that’ll fit your body perfectly, then take a look at our Flash Furniture ergonomic stool review.


Thanks to a thick padded seat cushion, the Hodedah Armless low back office chair feels pretty nice to sit on, and with the cushion being 2 inches thick, the adjustable height swiveling task chair feels quite comfortable compared to most of the other desk chairs in its price category. Its back seat is also padded, making it slightly more comfortable to lean on compared to the Steelcase Leap Office Chair, which happens to be a mesh chair.


As with most swivel office desk chairs, the Hodedah armless low back office desk chair is fairly adjustable, to the extent that the seat height can be adjusted anywhere between 16 and 20 inches. This low-back adjustable height swiveling computer chair is designed to fit pretty well under any office desk, and this is because it doesn’t come with any armrests. If you prefer a chair with armrests, then the Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair might be worth looking into.


It goes without saying that a mesh task chair will obviously be a lot more breathable compared to the Hodedah adjustable height swiveling task chair. This is because a mesh swivel chair allows for more consistent airflow, but even with that said, you still shouldn’t expect to sweat as much as you would if you were using a leather chair.


Available in black, blue, pink, or red, the Hodedah armless low-back chair is one of the most affordable home office chairs you can get on the market. Its padded back makes it a slightly better choice compared to a mesh computer chair, but the fact that it comes without any armrests may be a deterrent to some people.

Hodedah Armless, Low-Back, Adjustable Height, Swiveling Task Chair Wrap Up

Anyone who is not looking to spend a lot of money on their home office furniture ought to consider getting the Hodedah low-back adjustable height office chair for their kids. The chair looks decently good, is affordable, and has back seat padding, unlike a mesh back chair. It’s also not just available in the color black, and this allows you to pick a color that your kid might actually like.