Perfect if you can’t afford a racing wheel/seat combo, and plenty good even if you can, the Interworks HKS Racing Controller comes with analog pressure acceleration and brake pedals.

In other words, precise control in a small package. That’s comfort, and performance in racing games. At $45, it’s a quality rig – more quality than you’d get from a steering wheel and pedal in the same price range, and less cumbersome to store and play with.

Throttle and brake buttons come on the right side, and the thumb wheel goes on the left. Unfortunately, right now it’s a PS3-only device.


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  1. 10 Years ago we used FX SV-281 handheld racing wheels which had FULL force feedback and worked awesome. Windows XP came out and made them obsolete. I spent a minimum of 20 hours converting these wheels using the microsoft dualstrike controllers and we now have 6 of these but no longer support any force feedback. WHY on earth is no one making any handheld racing wheels??? I mean WTF ppl would pay MORE for a controller that you dont have to store in a closet.

    1. Maritn, I have onr of those too. I can't even get xp to find it. could you please explain how i could get it to work. Maybe others can read this thread and get theirs to work too. :-)

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