The best 4K TV should be smart and this one is.

Is 4K worth it? This concept may change your mind.

Roku itself just made headlines by announcing brand new (and very affordable) product lines – now Hitachi has some exciting Roku news of its own: It’s time for the 4K Roky TVs. After hinting about them earlier this year, we finally have the details – including a mid-line model that could be one of the best 55 inch 4K TVs on the market if you like the Roku setup.

So, what exactly is a Roku TV? It uses the Roku OS – in this case with a quad-core processor – and allows you to do the traditional Roku activities like watching Netflix, tapping into network apps, streaming HBP, switching to consoles or Blu-ray…and, of course, watching 4K content.

That 4K news is a big deal for two reasons. The first reason is that 4K content continues to increase on many apps and channels, which makes these Roku TVs more worthwhile than you might at first think. The second reason is that Hitachi is an expert at creating affordable TVs, and you can get the 50-inch version for as low as $500, and even the largest modeul at 65-inches will only cost $1,000. Those are great prices for 4K TVs, even leading into the holiday season, and we’re pleased to see that such cost-effective options exist when 4K was prohibitively expensive just a couple years ago. We love this new technology and recommend that you read our best smart tv list for more info.

Hitatchi Roku TV
The Roku smart features are backed by Roku’s extensive experience in this field.

This whole Roku-platform trend is really taking off, too. There’s going to be at least 100 more models from a variety of low-cast manufacturers to use the Roku smart platform. Look, we’re not big fans of smart TVs simply because it’s usually an extra feature that no one needs, but if you’re going to do it, this is the right approach: Contract with a different company that’s already proven itself in the set-top box world and can make a great interface (which can hopefully be updated over time).

If you like the idea of these TVs, you can get the 50-inch version right now, and the larger models in the coming weeks.

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