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Hiplok Spin Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If a bike is your preferred means of transportation, or the primary transportation of your kids, then you know it needs to be locked when it’s parked unattended, otherwise there’s a risk it will be stolen. And yet many thefts of unlocked bikes occur simply because their riders forgot to bring a lock with them. The Hiplok Spin combination lock is an easy take-along because it’s wearable –like a belt. Although not among those listed in the best bike lock buyer’s guide, it is nevertheless a serviceable lock that you (or your kids) won’t forget during your next ride to the market or to school.

Why We Like It – Hiplok Spin

The Hiplok Spin bicycle lock is a chain lock style, four-digit combination lock that uniquely solves an age-old problem –finding an easy way to take a lock with you when you’re riding your bike.

  • Hardened Steel Chain
  • Integrated combination lock
  • Wearable
  • Short length
  • Small chain link diameter


There’s ongoing debate about which type of bike lock provides optimal theft protection. U-locks are considered best at resisting cutting but are hard to transport, typically needing to be secured to a bike’s frame using a bracket. Chain locks are considered to resist cutting better than cable locks, but a chain lock is also not typically easy to transport while riding. The Hiplok Spin chain lock is a combination lock that’s wearable around a rider’s waist yet is light enough to not be a burden while riding. No mounting bracket or wrapping it around some part of the bike. The Spin is of sufficient quality to secure a bike during day-to-day travels, however it’s short length may make some locking situations challenging. If a chain lock is not preferable in your circumstances then consider the Via Velo Bike U Lock with Cable, or the Kryptonite New York Standard Heavy-Duty Bicycle U Lock.


The Spin features a chain covered by a nylon sleeve mated to an integrated combination lock. A hi-viz fabric color is an option making the Spin a visible element for rider safety. A four digit combination is easy to set, and provides reasonable protection. The Spin’s 75 cm (29.5”) chain length is on the short side for locking purposes, as well as being a bit small for many waists. There’s a pouch in the sleeve in which to secure the lock pin, and a strap allowing adjustment to the proper waist size (26” to 44” waists) when wearing the Hiplock as a belt. Both are secured by Velcro. To keep weight low enough to be wearable (800 grams = 1.7 lbs.), the links of the Hiplok Spin are made of comparatively small diameter hardened steel –6mm as opposed to the greater thickness of some other chain locks. Hardened steel is good, but links less than 10mm thick may be relatively easy to cut with medium sized bolt cutters if lock positioning provides enough leverage. As with any lock, locking technique is important when using the Hiplok Spin.


The Spin is well made and of good quality. It is a secure lock providing an innovative alternative for taking it along on rides, but it’s relatively pricey compared with some other bike lock solutions. The Spin is great if you don’t want to, or cannot, carry a lock on the bike. Also good for making sure kids take a lock with them during their trips to school or sports practice, plus there’s no key to be lost. The Spin is seemingly fine for locking up a bike during a trip to the store or while at school. Probably not sufficient protection for overnight parking.

Hiplok Spin Wrap Up

Depending upon the bike and how it’s being used, it may not be possible or desirable to store a lock on the bike itself. The Hiplok Spin is an innovative way to take a lock with you no matter what bike you’re riding, when you need to park your bicycle during a ride. It’s enough of a deterrent to thwart crimes of opportunity by causing potential thieves to seek easier targets. If chains or combination locks aren’t your thing, then perhaps consider SIGTUNA Bike Locks Heavy-Duty U Lock with Shackle.