Hilltopper Horizon Conversion Kit Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

If you have no intention of buying the best electric bike, why not pick up an ebike conversion kit? Take the Hilltopper Horizon Conversion Kit, for example; you get to keep your bike, while giving it a new lease on life. Hit top speeds of 20mph, and cover up to 50 miles of land on a single charge!

Why We Like It – Hilltopper Horizon Conversion Kit

For the newcomer and experienced, the Hilltopper Horizon Conversion Kit offers the best of both worlds: mid-range performance, long battery life, and a handful of must-have features, like pedal assist and battery lock.

  • Solid top speed
  • Long battery life
  • Healthy set of features
  • Great for newcomers
  • A bit pricey

Durability & Build Quality

Durability is slightly better than your average bike kit. This is because the wheel uses stainless steel spokes instead of aluminium, and it’s double-walled. For extra protection, it was given nylon rim tape. It’s a solid build, and marginally better than the Ebikeling 48V 1200W.


One you slap one of these onto your bike (provided you’ve installed it correctly), you can definitely expect to get great speed from the kit. This is thanks to its 36V front wheel drive and 36V battery. It’s pumping 350W of power into the bike, giving it a potential top speed of 20mph, with and without throttle. For very steep inclines, consider the Bafang Mid Drive.

Range & Battery

Speed is great and all, but what of the Horizon battery? It too performs incredibly well, or else its price wouldn’t be worth it. On a single charge, e bikes with this bike conversion kit can get up to 50+ miles. It largely depends on how you use it; pedal assist, for example, would award a few more miles than using throttle exclusively.

Safety Features

For this price, you’d hope the Hilltopper Horizon Conversion Kit would come with a few extra features, right? It does! It has a battery gauge for keeping track of the battery’s charge; pedal assist and throttle; and, lastly, you get a battery lock, so someone can’t swipe your battery when it’s unattended.


Dropping $899 on the Hilltopper Horizon Front Wheel Conversion Kit sounds like one hefty price—and, admittedly, it certainly is. However, in return you get the luxuries of a long battery life, great speed, and must-have features like a battery lock, pedal assist, and an on-board battery gauge. There’s a cheaper alternative by Hilltopper, the Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit, Sprinter model.

Hilltopper Horizon Conversion Kit Wrap Up

The Hilltopper Horizon Conversion Kit is perfect for newcomers and experienced riders. It comes with most of the features you’d want from a kit, like pedal assist, battery gauge, and a battery lock, while also rocking a great battery range and good speed. It’s a bit pricey, but has everything you need right out of the box.

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