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Hill Topper Sprinter Electric Bike Kit Review

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Updated February 24, 2021
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If you’re a person who doesn’t really bike for the health benefits that it affords you, then you might be interested in getting an electric bike kit. This would make it move a lot faster, but with significantly less effort. If this is something that you’d be interested in, then the hilltopper ebike electric bike kit would be a great option to look into. Whether or not it might end up being the Best Electric Bike kit for you might depend on a couple of things, but if you need to have an eBike Conversion Kit that you can rely on, the hill topper electric bike kit remains a perfect option to look into.

Why We Like It – Hill Topper Sprinter Electric Bike Kit

At first blush, the Hill Topper Sprinter Electric Bike Kit looks more like a water bottle that gets placed right around your front wheel, and this makes it very difficult to pick out. It comes with a number of accessories that add to its utility, and has a top speed range of up to 12 miles.

  • Variable Speed Throttle
  • Water bottle design
  • Customizable wheel size
  • Not app based

Durability & Build Quality

The Hilltopper Electric bike kit is well built to survive a bit of overuse and abuse, so don’t be too shy to use it when riding over some uneven terrain. It’s build quality is above par, and it also features an easy to remove water battery, a battery lock, a disc brake compatible hub and a USB charging port that you can plug your phone into. The hilltopper electric bike kit itself is pretty easy to install onto your bike, and once you place your order, you’ll get a wheel that’s customized to fit your bike size – something that you won’t be able to get done with the Bafang BBS02 mid drive kit.


Performance-wise, the hill topper electric bike kit really does add a bit of umph to your riding, as it is able to accelerate to a top speed of 18 miles per hour at the push of a button. It boasts of a 250 Watt Electric Motor, which produces torque that doubles the average pedalling power. There aren’t any different speed modes that you can switch the hill topper kit to, and this makes it very easy to operate.

Range & Battery

The hilltopper bike kit is powered by a 36 Volt, 5.4 Ampere Lithium ion clean republic battery, and this gives it a range of more than 12 miles. The clean republic battery can be easily locked into place, so you shouldn’t have to worry about theft or damage as you’re riding. The bike and the motor look very much like a water bottle, and to access the USB charging port, all you’ll have to do is flip up it’s lid.

Safety Features

To keep you in full control when riding, the Hill Topper Sprinter Kit comes with a variable speed throttle & cable set, where you’ll be able to control exactly how much speed you’ll need from the motor. There is a limit to how much faster you’ll be able to go, but unlike the EBIKELING 48V 1200W, the unit does not come with an LCD display.


The biggest benefit of having an electric bike is that you’ll have the chance to use less effort to pedal when you wouldn’t want to. It can be a lifesaver especially when you don’t want to arrive somewhere tired. Also worth mentioning is that the kit comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so just like the Hilltopper Horizon conversion kit, you’ll also be able to return it for a full refund before 30 days if you’re unhappy with it.

Hill Topper Sprinter Electric Bike Kit Wrap Up

As we get to the end of this hill topper electric bike kit review, it’s important that we mention that you won’t be able to get this kit from Amazon. You’ll just have to hop on over to the hill topper bikes website, and make your order from there.

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