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iPods Aren’t Dead: HiBy R3 Ultraportable Touchscreen

HiBy R3 music player
The HiBy R3 is a music player on steroids

These days most of us don’t listen to our music using a dedicated music device. Many people just use their phones. I still like to use a device just for music in certain sitiations, but I don’t see many others doing this.

Well, despite the fact that people seem to be done with MP3s and other music players, I’m happy to say that this genre of devices is not dead just yet.

The HiBy R3 is a new breed of music player for the next generation. It has a lot of offer and is half the size of your smartphone.  Some features include Full Touch Screen, WiFi, DLNA, Airplay, Apt-X, Tidal, ES9028Q2M DAC, and Native DSD. This compact music player will let you enjoy brilliant Hi-Res certified audio performance no matter where you are.

The 3.2″ touchscreen is what you wished that you had on your old MP3 players. The same goes for the 1600 mAh battery, which offers 11 hours of play time and 60 hours on standby. You can connect it to the Tidal app music library via Wi-Fi and other streaming services should follow soon.

There is no internal storage. Instead, the R3 gives you an SD card port to use SD cards up to 2TB. That should be plenty of room even for the most hardcore audiophile.

This device also supports bi-directional communications for Bluetooth and Apt-X. The bi-directional USB DAC interface lets you use the HiBy R3 as a high-quality audio dongle for your smartphone or as an audio source for your other gadgets. It also features a standard 3.5 mm audio jack along with the 2.5 mm balanced jack which allows for compatibility with a wide variety of devices.

The R3 will also play hi-res music on your smartphone remotely of course. If you enjoy Hi-Fi audio, this is the player that you have been longing for. With so many features and options, it’s hard to imagine any other device giving you a better music experience. Your old iPod is rolling in its grave of obsolescence.

What we have here is the full-featured, easy to use and low-cost music player of our dreams, quite frankly. It will cost you just $229 through Kickstarter.

3 Comments to iPods Aren’t Dead: HiBy R3 Ultraportable Touchscreen

  1. Jeff

    Not sure what this has to do with iPods… Do you also call all Android phones ‘Samsungs’?

  2. Tatai

    Nice info. Is that Beyer DT 990? 32 ohm or 250 ohm? if 250, can you please let me know how R3 drives 250 ohm or drives at all?

  3. Davin Peterson

    Say MP3 Player, not iPod. The iPod wasn’t the first MP3 Player and not the best.

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