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If the Best Cool Wallets in your mind adopt graphic designs more than color, the Herschel Passport Holder might be the Best Passport Holder. As an added bonus, it boasts RFID blocking to prevent thieves from scanning your cards for data. And when it gets dirty, you can hand wash it!

Why We Like It – Herschel Passport Holder

The Herschel Passport Holder steers away from solid colors and aims for bold, graphic designs, while still providing basic functionality like RFID blocking, several card slots, and hand washable material.

  • RFID blocking technology
  • Hand washable
  • Bold designs
  • Could use more card slots
  • Lacks a closure method


The Herschel Supply Co Raynor Passport Holder isn’t breaking new grounds with aesthetics, but it does offer a few bold choices other than just a simple color swamp, such as camo and floral designs. However, it looks cheap. Trying to make large lumps of polyester look good in this form is admittedly difficult. Even synthetic leather, like on the GDTK Leather Passport Holder, looks better.


With that said, polyester is widely used among textile products, and for good reason: it can be durable, cheap, and lightweight. The Herschel Co Travel Wallet is going to last for months, even years. It’s even hand washable!


The Herschel Passport Holder has three card slots, and two wider pockets for petty cash and your passport. It could really use more than three card slots—at least five—but the slots you do get grip your cards tight. However, it needs a closure method, above all else. Between the seems is RFID blocking, an anti-theft measurement to prevent illegal scanning.

Size & Versatility

Measuring 5.51 x 3.94 x 0.39 inches and weighing just 2 ounces, the Herschel Passport Holder won’t be a nuisance to carry, not in hand or bag. It isn’t very versatile though, only covering the basics of card slots and a place for your passport. The Zoppen Multi Purpose Travel Passport Wallet is capable of holding your smartphone.


With the kind of money you’re spending, an upwards of $25, we expected more from the Herschel Passport Holder. When you boil it down, you’re getting the most basic functions of a passport holder, with a rather boring presentation. You can get a better looking holder from the Zoppen Passport Holder for a fifth of the price.

Herschel Passport Holder Wrap Up

The Herschel Passport Holder isn’t bad by any measure, but it sure isn’t going enough to warrant its $25 price tag. You only get 3 card slots, tight as they are, but more could have been added. Having RFID blocking is a welcome bonus, but a closure method would have been even better. In other words: this passport holder was a bunt, at best.

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