Herschel Novel Duffle Black Size Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Herschel Novel duffle black size is a stylish bag from our list of the Best Bags. This novel duffel bag by Herschel supply co features a spacious design with special compartments for your shoes and other items. You can fit in enough clothes for a weekend and you will look elegant as you rock this duffle bag.

Why We Like It – Herschel Novel Duffle Black Size

The Herschel Novel duffel black size bag is a great option for weekend getaways or trips to the gym or work. This is a bag that will ensure that you are strutting with style wherever you go. One feature that made this duffle bag stand out was the shoe compartment that allows you to store your shoes in a designated area that maximizes your organization.

  • Stylish design
  • Roomy
  • Bag is fragile


Herschel supply co equipped this with a two way waterproof zipper to secure your items from any damage. It has a shoe compartment so you can take an extra pair of shoes along with you. You can use this bag for work or a trip, but If you are more interested in finding a bag more fit for the gym, you may want to consider the Under Armour Undeniable medium duffle bag. This duffle bag has a mid volume size of 42.5 Liters and it is the perfect carry on bag when traveling on an airplane.


The Herschel supply co bag is made from durable polyester fabric and has a synthetic leather lining to it. Customers have reviewed that the bag is a bit on the fragile side, so please try to be cautious with how you handle this duffle bag. It comes in navy tan, raven crosshatch, or a black tan color scheme. This bag has a unisex style so both men and women will be able to rock it. Inside the bag is an internal mesh to organize your smaller items like cell phones and wallets. If you enjoy this modern design, you might want to consider checking out the Vera Bradley Womens Signature Foxwood for its similar modern approach.


The price of this bag is slightly higher than the other options, but it earned its worth from its simple modern design. If you are trying to find a less expensive bag, you may want to consider the Puma Womens Evercat Dispatch Duffel bag. The Herschel duffle bag is a versatile bag that you can use for a variety of events, and as long as you are cautious while using it you will get your money’s worth. Right now you can buy and save more than 25% off of its original price.

Herschel Novel Duffle Black Size Wrap Up

This Herschel novel duffle bag is a superb bag to buy because it can be used for various situations. The leather lining and simple design will have many heads turning while you walk with it. This bag has enough room for some spare shoes, clothes, your wallet, your phone, and more items to help you prepare for your events. Buy now and you will receive free shipping as well.

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