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HEROCLIP: Free Your Hands

HEROCLIP Frees Your Hands
Let HEROCLIP hold your things for you.

We love simple gadgets that can perform a number of different functions. That’s why we really like the HEROCLIP. This is a simple device that does it all. You could take it with you anywhere, in any situation and it would be useful.

Let HEROCLIP Give You a Hand

It’s designed to hold and hang gear so that your hands can be free. Anyone can use it, whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or just reorganizing your garage. This accessory clip has a great strength and weight capacity and is small enough to take with you anywhere. Store it in a pocket or carry it in your pack.

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It looks like a climbing carabiner with a hook on one side, but it is so much more useful. The HEROCLIP is made of aluminum with a wire gate similar to climbing carabineers, but the key here is that it also has another hook assembly attached with a plastic swivel. The swivel allows it to rotate 360 degrees and both the hook and the body can rotate at the joint. There’s a rubber tip on top of the hook to help keep it in place when you use it and the design is durable.

HEROCLIP Frees Your Hands

HEROCLIP will free your hands.

A Simple and Useful Way To Free Your Hands

When camping this gadget will be very handy indeed, allowing you to easily hang your backpacks, lanterns and other accessories from tree branches. When you aren’t camping, it is just as handy. Hang your travel bags from doors and suitcase handles, hang paint buckets from ladder rungs when working, and much more.

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Having HEROCLIP with you is almost as good as having an assistant who can hold things for you. When not in use, the hook folds and nests onto the clip to make it even more compact. This device is a simple solution to many of life’s minor challenges. It will hold up to 50 lbs, yet weighs only 2 ounces.

Free your hands so that you can get more done. This is one of the handiest devices that you will use on a daily basis.

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