Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair Review

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Updated September 13, 2022

For someone who sits at their desk for the majority of the day, you need plenty of lower back and upper back support. Your typical plastic and cushion office chairs just aren’t built to accommodate. It just so happens that the best office chair for the job is the Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair, thanks to its PostureFit SL technology. Your back will feel like it’s in heaven.

Why We Like It – Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair blends back support, style, and breathable mesh to bring you an executive chair that performs for you, not the other way around. If you’d prefer to get rid of your chair completely, take a look at our Ergotron Work-Fit Sit and Stand Workstation review instead.

  • Lumbar support conforms to your body
  • Mesh design keeps you cool
  • Variety of sizes for different body types
  • Better models are available
  • Expensive


The biggest issue facing regular office furniture is the lack of support—rigid, unbending, lack of adjustments. The new Aeron Task Chair changes the game. To support your back, it uses what Herman Miller calls “PostureFit SL” technology. Your spine is supported against the backrest while keeping your pelvis at a natural tilt, with adjustable pads providing further support to your back. In other words: the base of your spine is stabilized to keep your posture correct. And as you move, the chair accommodates the motion. For another chair with a similar performance, read our Ikea Markus chair review roundup.


The Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair comes in various sizes: size A, size B, and size C. For a bigger individual, look to size A, while small individuals consider size B or C. So choose wisely. Regardless of size, the Aeron chair supports a wide range of adjustments. Aside from seat height, depth, and tilt limiter, none of its features are more adjustable than the armrests. With fully adjustable arms, you have the ability to alter the height, depth, and angle—not unlike the Hbada office computer desk chair.


It’s hard to view the Herman Miller Classic Aeron Home Office Chair and willingly pay what Herman Miller is asking for. After all, its design is simplistic in nature, but you can’t argue with 20 years of research. It was designed with the knowledge of sitting habits and positions, then built to target the essential sections on your back for its fantastic lumbar support, reducing back pain and stress.

With that said, there’s arguably a better design available. The Herman Miller Embody is only $50 more, and provides better support, though lacking a mesh design. However, the Aeron can run circles with the Steelcase Leap.

Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair Wrap Up

Don’t judge a book by its cover. The Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair is a shining example of a seemingly simple design hiding superior technology. With its excellent lumbar support, fully adjustable arms, and tilt mechanism, you’re getting more than comfort. And it’s rather nice the mesh design keeps you cool, not to mention the wide variety of sizes for different body types. It’s worth every penny, even if better models are technically better.

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