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From our list of the Best Briefcase, the heritage travelware vinyl single compartment is a briefcase meant to secure your paperwork and laptop. This suitcase is also a computer case that has velcro holding back the laptop to ensure it is safe and not moving around significantly.

Why We Like It – Heritage Single Compartment Combination Briefcase

Businessmen of today will enjoy the features of the Heritage Single Compartment Combination Briefcase. This suitcase provides all the necessary security with a secure combination lock for your protection and privacy. This suitcase doubles as a laptop case and secures it properly with its own computer compartment.

  • Lock Closures
  • 2 top pocket file pockets
  • Limited to holding paperwork and laptops


This suitcase has 2 compartment file pockets for all your important documents. The computer restraint strap can hold up to a 17.3-inch laptop. There is adjustable padding for the bar. It can hold up to 3 pens or pencils. If you don’t see yourself rocking this briefcase for work, perhaps the Alpine swiss expandable leather briefcase will be a better fit. In case you run into any misfortunes and misplace your briefcase, you can rest assured that this secure combination lock briefcase will not open until you input its proper passcode.


The Heritage’s briefcase black design is the only color for the series. The leather-like vinyl is durable and the interior is fully lined. Heritage has more designs if you would prefer an aluminum exterior briefcase. Please be sure to check out any customer reviews before purchasing to make the most informed decision. If reviews lead you away from this briefcase, be sure to check out the RoadPro SPC 931R Silver Aluminum Briefcase.


If you still need some convincing to buy this briefcase, right now you can receive free delivery for your order. This black one size briefcase is perfect for today’s businessman because you will be able to carry important papers and your laptop all in one case. If you would like to check out more high quality briefcases, please consider the Samsonite classic 3 gusset briefcase.

Heritage Single Compartment Combination Briefcase Wrap Up

The Heritage Single Compartment Combination Briefcase is a great tool for today’s businessmen. With secure combination locks, you can rest assured that no matter where you are, no one will be able to get into your work without your passcode first. This suitcase will protect your laptop and your documents in an elegant fashion.

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