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Here Active Listening Customizable Earbuds for Sale by Christmas

Doppler Labs wants to take over your ears by giving you back the power to decide exactly what you are listening to, and how, with Here Active Listening.

Today’s casual earbuds aren’t exactly a paragon of fidelity, and really aren’t interested in giving you any customization options. Unless you are willing to drop several hundred dollars on a major pair of headphones, you won’t be able to tweak your settings or adjust any noise cancellation features. The most you can hope for is a EP or bass boost.

The Here earbuds, a Kickstarter project from Doppler, seeks to change that. These are wireless earbuds that allow you to pop out your smartphone and use an app to tweak all sorts of settings. You can shift the volume, mess with the equalizer, and apply a number of different effects, then create various labels depending on where you are.

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Doppler specifically mentions the ability to reduce background noise (like a crying baby), boosting elements of music you love (like bass) in more noisy environments like the subway, and adding elements like reverb for some extra oomph. With customization, you can create particular settings for traveling on the subway, working in the office, relaxing at home, jogging in the park, and so on. Many of these options are already offered as preset modes, but you can still tweak if you want to.

The Here buds also provide musicians/soundboard maestros with some nice live music options for controlling feedback and enhancing clarity up on stage. The wireless earbuds have a six-hour battery life, and use automatic Bluetooth pairing. They come with a charging case that holds two charges at a time.

The Kickstarter has been funded and delivery is estimated around December 2015. The reward for $200 was a pair of the Here earbuds, which should give you a good idea about the price.

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