Healthcare is a complicated and expensive business. Not everyone can afford access to the best doctors. It’s tough. You want to have access to a doctor, but between the cost and the fact that our lives are so hectic today, it’s many people just choose not to see the doctor. For another cool and interactive site, take a look at how Google Street view is offering store view. Or, you could take a look at how Google increases Chromebook hacking prize to $100,000.

Hello Alvin is What Health Care (And you) Need

There must be a way to improve things so that it’s easy and affordable for people to talk to a doctor. Well, it turns out that there is. Meet Hello Alvin. 20 million Americans are already using it to save time, money, and avoid the hassle of an ER trip for things that can be classified as minor illnesses. It allows you to have live doctor consults with Teladoc right from your home.

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You’ll love this. You can even get a prescription or a refill if you need one. This app aims to make consulting with a doctor the easiest it has ever been. And no, you don’t even need insurance to use it.

At last, you can get safe and secure live doctor consults within 10 minutes anytime you need it. They are available around the clock, 24/7. You will no longer have to go to the ER for things that are not life-threatening. This takes up a lot of time and as you already know, it is very expensive. Would you rather go to a loud and chaotic ER room or have a U.S. Board Certified live doctor consult from your phone, tablet or computer? It costs as little as $15 per visit. And to make it easier to use you prone, take a look at our review of the OhSnap phone grip that doesn’t suck.

Hello Alvin Gives You 24 7 Access To Quality Healthcare
Get a doctor consult easily and within 10 minutes,

Get a Doctor Consult Within 10 minutes

Best of all, there are no hidden fees and no over-inflated doctor bills. You pay a simple flat-fee per consultation, no matter how long it takes. This has to be music to your ears if you have ever had a health issue because this makes things streamlined. The physicians that you will be talking with treat over 1.5 million patients per year with a 95% customer satisfaction rating. That’s pretty impressive.

Get unlimited teledoc consults, access to a 24 hour live registered nurse line and get free and unlimited access to email a doctor. This service will change the healthcare game for the better and help to unclog many ER rooms across the country. Not to mention that it will help you to avoid a lot of hassle and wasted time.

This is one of the best services out there.

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  1. Hello Alvin is powered by one of the most reliable telehealth solutions — Teladoc. I’ve used the service when I forgot to pack enough Rx meds and for getting an Rx when I had a URI. LOVE IT!!!

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