HeimVision HM241 1080p Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Picking a wireless surveillance system for your big home can be tough, but what’s necessary is a camera security system that holds up its video quality even at a large distance. And let’s throw in remote access too. The best home security camera that fits the bill is the HeimVision HM241 1080p, with its 1080p video quality and IP Pro app for remote viewing.

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Why We Like It – HeimVision HM241 1080p Review

These IP cameras are packing high-quality night vision at 65 feet, 1080p video resolution, and email alerts when someone—or something—trips its motion detection, with away-from-home viewing through its proprietary IP Pro app.

  • IP66 waterproof rating
  • Video quality holds up at 65 feet
  • Get email alerts when motion is detected
  • Hard drive isn’t included
  • Better choices available


Like the top on our list, the HeimVision HM241 1080p obviously has 1080p video resolution, if the name didn’t tip you off. That’s pretty standard these days. Motion detection has a leg up on its competition, given that it can detect from a great distance, making it a solid choice for large properties. Its night vision is particularly good, holding up high quality video as far as 65 feet, which is over twice the distance of the AMICCOM Home Security Camera and with a much wider FOV of 110-degrees.


The HeimVision HM241 1080p is designed to be a wireless security system. You set it up, leave it alone, and let the home security system do its job. It’s supposed to be an easy setup, but if you plan on placing wireless cameras outside, you’ll need to thread a power supply (plugs into an outlet). This is the only way you’ll be able to take advantage of its IP66 waterproof rating, a feature the Ring Indoor Home Security Camera lacks. After all, water and electricity don’t mix.


The HeimVision HM241 Wireless Security Camera System is great. Pricing? Just a tad high. If you break it down, you’re spending $45 per camera. Compare that with Blink XT2 3 Camera System, and you’d spend $63 per camera. So, you’re getting a better deal with HeimVision, right? Not quite, because HeimVision doesn’t include a hard drive, whereas the Blink XT2 Security Cameras provide a hub with cloud storage right out of the box. One could argue it gives you the freedom to choose your own, and that’s a fair point. Weigh your options accordingly.

HeimVision HM241 1080p Review Wrap Up

The HeimVision HM241 1080p is an excellent surveillance camera, but it does ask for a little more, namely the hard drive being sold separately. You’re still getting four cameras that have IP66 waterproof rating, video quality that holds up at 65 feet, and you get email alerts when unknown factors are at play. It’s certainly worth considering for the night vision alone.

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