Hasselblad digital camera Review

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Updated July 21, 2022
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100 Expert Rating

At this point, Hasselblad is more or less synonymous with quality, professional photography, so it’s no surprise that this Hasselblad digital camera is on the shortlist for the best medium format digital camera and the best digital camera. For the professional that can afford it–and can justify the need for their business–this medium format digital camera is an utter delight. The 100 MP sensor is evident in image quality, as is the 16-bit color definition, ISO range of 63-12800, and 1.0 crop factor.

Why We Like It – Hasselblad digital camera

Owning a Hasselblad digital camera is almost akin to owning a piece of history, which is enough to make many leaps at the opportunity. Thankfully Hasselblad cameras, the H6D-100C included, also produce jaw-dropping photos. Image quality is superb regardless of conditions, and features like a Wi-Fi connection and an integrated 920k dot LCD touchscreen make using this medium format camera an utter delight. The professional with the need and means necessary to buy this camera will definitely not be disappointed.

  • 100 MP CMOS sensor produces incredible images
  • USB3 Type-C and Wi-fi connection for easy tethering and file transfer
  • 3” 920k LCD touchscreen for live view
  • Slower autofocus than a DSLR
  • Less diverse selection of H system lenses
  • Costs more than some cars

Image Quality

Medium format cameras, especially on either of the Hasselblad H6d models, are known for sharpness, depth, and quality that smaller sensors cannot match. This Hasselblad digital camera is capable of producing incredible photos in a variety of conditions. While many other similar cameras, even something like a GE Power Pro X500, struggle in low light, the H6D-100C captures images with little to no noise or grain in these conditions. Although autofocus is not as fast here as one can expect from a DSLR, it still manages to keep up fairly well in the field.

Ease of Use

Hasselblad includes a variety of features that make this medium format digital camera easy to use in a plethora of situations. The camera can be tethered via a USB 3 Type-C connection, ensuring quick and easy file transfer. If you don’t want to physically connect to the Hasselblad digital camera, you can transfer files via wi-fi and even control the camera remotely through your phone. The camera body is solid and heavy, though no heavier than other, similar digital cameras. If this camera is too big or expensive for you, consider the smaller h6D, or even the full frame Hasslebad x1D II50C.

Battery Life

Thankfully, this digital back doesn’t drain batteries at a crazy-fast rate, but it’s also not the best digital camera for battery life either. With all the bells and whistles Hasselblad utilizes in this medium format camera, that honestly doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. Constant use of features like wi-fi, Bluetooth, live view, and more will naturally drain batteries faster than otherwise. The battery life is decent, but whether or not this works for you is completely dependent on your shooting style.


Even though this camera certainly could capture beautiful photos outdoors, doing so seems fairly risky. Unlike medium format cameras, this Hasselblad digital camera is not weather sealed, nor is the LCD screen reinforced with super-strong glass. So while the H6D-100C is sure to delight in the studio or on a calm, quiet day outdoors, it would be wise to steer clear of adverse outdoor conditions. Even if it isn’t the strongest digital camera in the game, the H6D-100C has a nice feel to it and is quite enjoyable to shoot on. Alternatively, this camera is bulky, so you might like more compact devices like the Fujifilm XF10 Digital Camera and the Sony RX100.


When it comes to medium format cameras, especially the cameras Hasselblad puts out, it’s important to remember that value is relative. So, while this is a pricey piece of equipment, it has the potential to add value to a professional’s portfolio through the absolutely outstanding images it produces. This holds especially true for photographers looking to reproduce their photos on a large scale, as the ultra-high resolution renders insane image quality that simply cannot be beaten. Despite the clarity and high MP on this camera, keep in mind that dead pixels on a digital camera may occur at any time, so you’ll need to know how to fix them.

Fujifilm Digital Camera Wrap Up

It should be assumed that if you’re seriously researching buying a Hasselblad digital camera you have a substantial amount of money to spend. If you do make that leap, you can expect some of the greatest image quality available thanks to the 100MP sensor and high ISO range. The lens selection is limited to H system lenses, so it’s prudent to ensure there are plenty in that line that fits your style. Overall, this is an amazing camera, and one any professional would be enthusiastic to own.

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