This may be one of the best board games for family night. Hasbro’s upcoming zAPPed Games will provide new experiences for how users play iconic favorites like Battleship and Monoply. Collaborating with Volumique, a French-based innovator and provider of technologies that enable object-based play on Interactive Screens found in tablets, smart phones and computers, the new line of games will combine traditional face-to-face gaming with iOS devices to improve gameplay. For the upcoming release of Battleship zAPPed that drops in September, users will be able to use an iPad as the game board with some specially designed ship styled playing pieces that will automatically be recognized by the iPad, knowing which ships are in play and when and where they are moved. You may also want to look at our review of the super big Wall Scrabble that can be hung on your wall to be played by the entire family or by the entire office.

The new Monoply zAPPed game will be launched in June and will transform an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into a banking unit that will add and subtract money from virtual accounts with a simple tap of a special bank card on the iOS device. The Game of Life zAPPed version has already launched and can be played using its corresponding app that creates a digital board, complete with a virtual spinner. You can get it now at Amazon and Toys R Us websites for $24.99, while the app is free from the Apple App Store, as will other apps for Hasbro’s other games. The company plans to launch new zAPPed games of all its titles in the near future, too.




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