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Nothing screams Cool Wallets more than the Best Chain Wallet. And if you’re checking out these wallets, the Harley-Davidson Chain Wallet could be right up your alley, especially if you’re already a Harley-Davidson fan.The logo can be either cool or tacky, but you can’t argue with the quality.

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Why We Like It – Harley Davidson Chain Wallet

The Harley Davidson Chain Wallet is another in a long line of successful Harley-Davidson branded products. And if you can trust Harley-Davidson to be anything, it’s tough and minimalistic. And the Harley-Davidson Wallet fits this description to a tee.

  • Large Harley-Davidson Logo
  • Extra-Long Nickel Chain
  • Secure Snap-Closure
  • Large Harley-Davidson Logo
  • Only Comes in Black
  • No RFID-Blocking


The Harley-Davidson Chain Wallet is for the fan of the Harley-Davidson Brand. The large, embossed Harley-Davidson logo on the front of the wallet may be a godsend to some, but could also be off-putting to others. We’ll leave you to decide. But if you’re in the camp of thinking it’s off-putting, the LUUFAN Men’s Genuine Leather Long Wallet Chain Wallet has a more sophisticated charm to it.


The Harley-Davidson Wallet is made from 100% durable leather which is also very nice to the touch. The extra long nickel chain is a nice touch for its sturdiness and ease of clipping onto belt loops too. It only comes in one color though, black, but this is natural for Harley-Davidson products. Try the Levi’s Men’s Trifold Wallet if you’d like some variety.


One thing missing from the Harley-Davidson Wallet is RFID-Blocking. It’s not common practice just yet, and even the Dickies Men’s Bifold Chain Wallet doesn’t have it yet, but the day when it’s mainstream will be fast approaching. One the plus side, the snap closure of the Harley-Davidson Wallet is secure, so your bills will be safe.


The inside of the Harley-Davidson Wallet is about as basic as the come. There’s two card slots, a side slot for ID’s (but it’s not an ID window), and a zipper pocket for coins. It’s best for people who don’t have a lot to carry. But on the plus side, it’s large money pouch can fit 10-20 bills without the need to fold them.


Customer reviews over on Amazon for the Harley-Davidson Chain Wallet are pretty good, if not just a little sparse. It holds a respectable 4.5/5 star rating based on 153 reviews. Overall, it’s a good wallet with solid construction and minimalist features. I’d like to tell you it’s worth the buy, but it’s unavailable on Amazon right now.

Harley Davidson Chain Wallet Wrap Up

The funny thing about the Harley-Davidson Chain Wallet is that it’s more minimalist than most minimalist wallets. So if you don’t need to carry too much around with you (in terms of cards), then go for it. If you do, it might be better to at least consider something else.