Haoqin H7 tablet Android Tablets Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Haoqin H7 Tablet Android Tablets offer an impressive performance with its quad core processor. Featuring a bright HD display on a 7 inch tablet screen, a speedy processor, and the latest Google certified software, this device is one to consider. The excellent battery life, dual speakers and wifi bluetooth option, make all your favorite videos, music and games sound crisp and clear… making this one of the best Android tablets. The body feels strong and the display can handle kids of all ages. Enjoy video chat, play games, TV series and movies.

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Why We Like It – HAOQIN H7 Tablet Android Tablets

The Haoqin H7 Tablet Android Tablets offer a smooth and fast performance processor which is capable enough to support your daily routines and multimedia needs. The 32 GB of internal storage gives you plenty of space to hang onto your favorite TV series, movies, songs and photos. Good for the whole family.

  • Vibrant HD display
  • Lots of memory
  • Price
  • Some app loading issues


The 7 inch android screen size offers bright, crisp colors and the Google operating system, using features like Google play, are smooth and easy to use. Download your third-party apps through the Google play store, allowing this tablet to satisfy almost all your multimedia needs. The camera is sharp and the battery lasts for a good amount of time. Like the Amazon Fire HD 8 (8th Gen) Android Tablet, the operating system, Android 9 Pie, has improved this tablet since it’s earlier models and works much better. And the 64 quad core processor really gives this device a fast and excellent performance.


The tablet is sleek and attractive, and it’s 7 inch size combined with durability, makes it easy to take it with you anywhere you go. Definitely a good choice for children since it could take a pretty good beating. The display screen is bright and clear and has a nice smudge free surface. The narrow tablet is easy to handle, carry, and could even be put in your pocket. The IPS screen allows you to view it at almost any angle and the brightness is easily adjusted. Front and rear cameras are nice and hidden, taking away the stress of scratching the lens.


For those that don’t have much room to maneuver in their budgets, this is the one they should go for. Compared to other tablets, like the Dragon Touch K10 Android Tablet, the price is unbeatable, with similar technical specs, and the improvement in the hardware gives you even more of a reason to choose this product. With this tablet being as affordable as it is, you feel way more at ease lugging it around wherever you go and even being a little rough with it. You’ll be able to breathe easily whenever the kids decide to throw it across the room onto the couch rather than placing it down. For the money, definitely a good buy.

HAOQIN H7 Tablet Android Tablets Wrap Up

Haoqin H7 Tablet Android Tablets are the newest from the Android 9.0 team. It, for sure, offers visual improvements, a better battery, and smarter/faster shortcuts than previous models. The 7 inch tablet gives you an energy saving quad core processor which makes apps launch faster, and gives the device a generally smoother user experience. Really great for entertainment and day-to-day tasks, much like the MatrixPad Z4 10” Android Tablet. Good amount of storage and a nice HD IPS display gives you ample room for movies, TV, and photos that can be looked at with pleasure.

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