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Hang Your Shampoo Bottle On A Magnet

magnetic shampoo wrappers

Not all of us have luxurious bathrooms with loads of space for all your shower stuff. For those of us with limited space comes these handy Magnetic Shampoo Wrappers that easily holds your shampoo bottles up via magnets. The space-saving adjustable silicone strap wraps around your shampoo bottle and then easily snaps on and off your shower wall via a magnet. It look as if your shampoos are floating! The strap is flexible and can be adjusted according to the size of bottle. And it’ll help prevent annoying limescale since the bottle is hanging on the wall away from the wet surface, which saves you lots of cleaning. Another great thing is that you can hang the bottle upside down so you can easily get every last drop of shampoo! Each package retails for $45 and includes two straps and two self-adhesive black wall magnets.

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