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Handy Cooler Personal Air Conditioner


My skepticism meter is running a bit hot on this one, but considering the heat wave I’ve recently been stuck in, I’ll try just about anything to stay cool. The Handycooler Personal Air Conditioner promises to keep you cool any where you go. The little battery powered device works by drawing fan powered air over a damp sponge, which is said to cool it down (not you) by as much as 25 degrees. The result is damp and cool air fired where ever you point the handheld sized device. Battery life, which comes by way of 4 AA batteries, is good for up to 5 hours or you can just plug it into any powered USB port. Is it the best portable air conditioner though?

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15 Comments to Handy Cooler Personal Air Conditioner

  1. lisa

    does anybody knows of a good personal AIR CONDITIONER not cooler please?

  2. Leoellers


  3. Leoellers


  4. Enzo

    I have always dreamed of a portable air conditioner. Cant believe it actually exists!

  5. SKidog

    does it work?!

  6. Bobby Int.

    Thanks for post. this looks cool.

  7. Shawn Evans

    My friend has it… he says its like the best thing ever invented. lol. I'll have to see it to believe it.

  8. Max

    I brought one from my friend and using in Aus. One of his partner is discussing for the dealership in Australia, seems like it will be started selling from Sydney as some kind of car’s cooler.

  9. Steve

    Any one know if they sell this product in Australia/New Zealand? Have been looking for any retailer that sells one around here but can’t find one. Thanks.

  10. HaileyChitchat

    My buddy got one and said its great. I was told it cools the air quite well and humidifies it for easy breathing. It’s not an air conditioner but it works just like a swamp evaporative coolers you get from CVS/walgreens. Gives a pretty good punch too for a couple of hours on one set of batteries. I’m trying to find where I can get one at the lowest price.

  11. Miles

    I’ve purchased a unit of the Handy Cooler and have to say it works really well. I live in the Mid West and the conditions for using it are perfect.

    For the comments on the product being a scam, I think you should read their website first. They don’t claim to be an air conditioner but instead an evaporative cooling fan. You should double check your facts before making false accusations.

  12. Jack Maine

    It’s a scam. It’s not an air conditioner, but a mini “Desert Cooler”. Doesn’t work in humid conditions. Will probably be nice in dry and hot conditions.

  13. Bill

    I thought Ipod was the only thing that is getting small, but it seems air conditioner is following be hide.

    “The fan draws air over the damp sponge, cooling it by up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit.”

    I don’t see how does the air cool to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s so small.

    I guesses it doesn’t has the basic components like a regular air conditioner units does.

    The disadvantage it take 4 double A batteries, you have to carry water, take it dirty dust and recirculate to your face with cool air.

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