Handsfree Bluetooth Transmitter Compatible Smartphones Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The LIHAN Bluetooth Hands Free Car Charger Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio has a universal compatibility with music-playing programs and allows everything from streaming to MP3 and everything in-between. But be aware, the audio quality isn’t the greatest. Check out our best car accessories list for product descriptions of other great accessories!

Why We Like It – Handsfree Bluetooth Transmitter Compatible Smartphones

The Handsfree Bluetooth Transmitter Compatible Smartphones lets you use bluetooth to stream music from either your phone or from an fm radio station. The large answer key on the front works with just the push of a button (or a hold to decline the call) and the built-in microphone ensures the conversation is loud and clear on both ends.

  • Car battery voltage function
  • Universal compatibility for music
  • Compact and fits almost any car
  • Bad audio quality
  • Charges slowly
  • Odd viewing angles


The LIHAN Call Car Charger Wireless Bluetooth Device supports bluetooth music so you can play music from a radio signal or from your cell phone (a Samsung Galaxy, perhaps?). Unfortunately, the LIHAN Car FM Transmitter falls a little short on audio quality in both the car radio and the car stereo. However, credit should be given to the MP3 music stereo adapter, and all other adapters, that allow the device to play music in a variety of formats. If you’re satisfied with just listening to the radio, consider the Drop Stop Original Patented Filler.


The LIHAN Dual USB Ports Charger Compatible has a simple and average design with a large, centred answer key and a larger LED screen just above it for a hands free function. The LIHAN also has a useful car battery voltage function to let you know whether your car battery is operating well or not. Check the product information for details on what constitutes good and bad functioning. Please try the Charger Ainope Aluminum Charging Compatible if you just need dual USB Charging Port without an fm channel transmitter.


The LIHAN USB Car Charger Bluetooth Version 4.0 does have a built-in microphone so calls can come in loudly so you can hear them better and not get distracted trying to listen. It’s compact and can fit into almost any car without issue. The charging ports charge a little on the slow side, unfortunately, so you’re better off charging your phone at home. And it’s size and placement in the car can make for an odd viewing angle. Check out the EPAuto Car Trash Storage Pockets for something known to be reliable and easy to handle.

Handsfree Bluetooth Transmitter Compatible Smartphones Wrap Up

The LIHAN Dual USB Car & Card USB is compact and fits into almost any car. One of its most notable features is the car battery voltage function which allows you to see how your car battery is performing. Unfortunately, it charges slowly and can have odd viewing angles. But the $18.00 price tag should be incentive enough to at least try it if you’re curious.

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