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WANTED: Handpresso Outdoor Espresso Set

Read How We Choose the Best Home Espresso Machine then check this handy Espresso set below. Coffee mavens, and the caffeine obsessed will surely welcome the Handpresso Outdoor Espresso Set with open arms.  Included in the bagged set is everything you’ll need to brew a creamy cup of espresso anywhere you roam.  Course, you’ll need to make sure you fill up the included thermo flask with hot water, but other than that, everything can be performed on the fly.

To make a shot of coffee, just manually hand pump the Handpresso to 16 bar pressure, add hot water and insert an espresso pod.  In no time flat you’ll have a handcrafted shot of espresso on picnics, bike rides, or while backpacking.  And since 4 cups are included you’ll need only look for a place to wash them or score more hot water when you run out.

Amazon sells the Handpresso Outdoor Espresso Set for $190.

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