Hand Shakers vs. Blender for Protein Shakes

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Updated May 30, 2023

Hand shakers vs. blenders for protein shakes is a tough decision for fitness enthusiasts everywhere. Protein helps build muscle mass and satiate hunger, but it takes a little work to break down. That’s where kitchen appliances come in. While the best blender should handle protein shakes with no problem, some people think a hand shaker might be the better choice.


  • Hand shakers are portable manual mixers that use a blender ball to mix powdered ingredients into a liquid.
  • A blender is an appliance with an electric motor and sharp blades to chop ingredients. Food is mixed in a glass or plastic blender container.
  • A hand shaker is great for portability for protein shakes, but a countertop blender is best for a quick, smooth blend.

Hand Shaker vs. Blender for Protein Shakes Compared

Hand shakers and regular blenders are fantastic for mixing powder or liquid ingredients into a drink. Some people might recommend going with a hand or dual blender for a homemade protein shake. That said, you should first consider a hand shaker or blender bottle.

Explaining Hand Shakers

Hand shakers, also called shaker bottles, are a type of manual blender that uses a plastic to-go cup as the blender jar. A metal wire sphere called a blender ball whips around the container as the user shakes it. While it doesn’t have the motor base of a high-powered blender, a shaker bottle can yield a smooth shake.

Insider Tip

Wash your shaker bottle directly after using it because leftover liquid might spoil over time and ruin your bottle.

Benefits of Hand Shakers for Protein Shakes

The main benefit of a hand shaker is it’s a portable blender. They are ideal for single servings and additional protein throughout the day. In addition, they are much smaller than a countertop blender, and the blender jar can fit in a car cup holder.

Drawbacks of Hand Shakers for Protein Shakes

Blending ingredients like peanut butter and multiple grams of protein powder takes some effort. In addition, a powerful blender would mix almond milk, a scoop of protein powder, and some soft fruits in much less time than mixing manually.

Explaining Blenders

The typical home blender contains a powerful motor with sharp blades that break down foods like ice cubes, frozen ingredients, and fresh fruit. A quality blender can even mix tough ingredients like nut butter.

Benefits of Blenders for Protein Shakes

The benefits of a blender are the increased blending capabilities and the variable speed blending process. A regular blender can mix up high-quality protein powder and other tough ingredients in no time, and the blending cup can hold a ton of servings.

Drawbacks of Blenders for Protein Shakes

The countertop blender is not portable and takes up a bit of room in the kitchen. In addition, cleaning a blender can get pretty frustrating if you’re dealing with tough ingredients or caked-on fresh fruit. If you are low on space, you can consider an immersion blender vs a blender to see if it will handle your mixing needs. If an immersion blender sounds like you could benefit from it, you should also know that it can be cordless as well. We have an article on the KitchenAid blender cordless vs corded, so you can see how they compare.

Which is Better?

If you are a fitness freak or just trying to trim some belly fat, pick the best tool that fits your lifestyle. A good middle ground might be a mini blender or personal blender if you want portable automatic mixing for protein powder. If that sounds ideal to you, check out this comparison of the Skinny Girl Personal Blender vs nutribullet. Additionally, we also have a great guide on the top portable blenders for travel that may interest you.


Do not put ice in a hand shaker. A shaker ball cannot break down ice, and you may damage the shaker bottle.


Can a hand/immersion blender be used for protein shakes?

Yes, immersion blenders are fantastic for protein shakes, but they cannot crush ice or fibrous veggies.

Why does your protein powder clump?

Protein powder contains proteins and fats that attract water. So, if your protein powder is in a humid place or the lid is loose, your protein powder will clump.

Are protein shakes good for weight loss?

Yes, as long as your protein shakes aren’t also filled with sugar or syrup. In addition, pick a protein powder that contains fiber for the most weight loss.

STAT: More than 25% of blender users report making smoothies in their blenders five or more times a month (source)

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