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Han Solo LEGO Blaster Now On LEGO Ideas (video)

Man, don’t you hate it when people create cool ass LEGO builds only to find out that you can’t actually go and buy them? Yeah, us, too, which is why we’re pretty pumped that this Han Solo LEGO Blaster can possibly become a LEGO product…that is, if you go and support it on LEGO Ideas. From all the weapons in the Star Wars franchise, Han Solo’s DL-44 has to be the second most iconic weapon behind the light saber. It’s the one he shot Greddo with right before he could get the jump on him, remember?

The shooter even makes sounds and lights up via a custom Arduino Uno circuit that its creator built into it! So the guy who made the impressive shooter, Baron von Brunk, knew how much Star Wars fans would want a DL-44 of their own, so is vying to make it an official LEGO kit and is looking for support on LEGO ideas. But if you don’t want to wait, you can head over here to get the info on build instructions.


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