Hamilton Beach 04531GM Review

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Updated January 9, 2023
88 Expert Rating

The basis for any Best Air Purifier is its ability to, well, purify the air. And if you’re looking, specifically, for the best plug-in air purifier, why not consider the Hamilton Beach TrueAir Plug-Mount. Despite its small size it can still clean air efficiently and can last a pretty long time as a plug-in air purifier.

Why We Like It – Hamilton Beach 04531GM

The Hamilton Beach 04531GM is about as true of a plug-in air purifier as you can get. Still, this doesn’t mean it will slack on the job. It can eliminate common bathroom and kitchen odors very easily and even comes with an optional scent cartridge so you can enjoy fresher-smelling air if you want to.

  • Long Lasting
  • Doesn’t Just Mask Odors but Eliminates Them
  • Comes with a Scent Cartridge
  • Small Room Coverage
  • Can’t Capture Large Particles


The Hamilton Beach TrueAir Plug Mount Odor Eliminator uses a carbon filter to suck in air and traps them and neutralizes odors before sending clean air back into the room. The TrueAir should last you about three months, which isn’t that bad considering it’s so small and is a plug-in air purifier in every sense of the phrase. If you want something longer-lasting, consider the GermGuardian AC5350B or the Levoit Humidifier.


The room coverage of the TrueAir Air purifier is about 160 square feet, which is the same as the Levoit LV-H128. Again, this isn’t bad considering its size, but it’s definitely on the shorter side we’ve seen. Yet, that can be a good thing since you’ll be able to hide the air purifier easier. It can cover the same room size as the Germ Guardian AC4825E if you want to check that out too. It’s good for a bathroom, small bedroom, or even kitchen. That’s good considering these places are probably where most odors come from.


The TrueAir Air Purifier is good for eliminating standard kitchen odors, bathroom odors, pet odors, and tobacco odors. The Hamilton Beach 04386A Air Purifier can do the same, so check it out if you have the chance. However, because it’s so small it won’t be able to capture larger particles like mold spores or pet dander, so be sure to consider this fact.


Similar to the IKEA Förnuftig, the TrueAir air purifier weighs in at just over a pound, so it should be no problem moving from room to room if need be. It’s also a very quiet air purifier, so you can have it purify your bedroom without having to lose sleep because of the noise. Further, it can even act as a night light if you find yourself waking up a lot or if you have a child who’s afraid of the dark.


Customer reviews are decent on Amazon, scoring 4/5 stars based on 6,785 reviews. One of the great features of the TrueAir Air purifiers is that it comes with a filter replacement indicator which is something normally reserved for bigger purifiers. Finally, you can purchase optional scent cartridges, and the Green Meadow Scent Cartridge comes included!

Hamilton Beach 04531GM Wrap Up

The small room coverage and the inability to capture large particles should come as no surprise considering how small and lightweight the TrueAir is. But on the plus side, you should be able to purchase multiples to place in every room of your home. Something not really possible with larger, more expensive air purifiers.