Halo Infinite: Controller vs Mouse

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Updated November 18, 2022

Sometimes, the best computer mouse also makes an outstanding game controller. But for users to know if the best gaming mouse is the right avenue, they must understand that the advantages differ from game to game. So for our Xbox users out there, stick with us as we explain the differences between playing Halo Infinite: controller vs mouse.


  • Selecting your input device for Halo Infinite depends on if you prioritize style or rifle accuracy.
  • A keyboard and mouse setup improves reaction time and allows users to respond to their surroundings faster.
  • Controllers give users access to the aim assist function, which is better for competitive gaming.

Like many modern gadget users, you may be considering cutting the cord. For this, we have an excellent guide explaining the advantages of wired vs wireless mice.

Insider Tip

Halo Infinite has an “Aim Trainer” setting that helps those adjusting to the sensitivity difference between a controller and mouse setup. Note that this is a separate function from Aim Assist.

Halo Infinite: Controller vs Mouse and Keyboard

Choosing between a controller or mouse & keyboard is a massive decision for gamers. And for every game, there are advantages and disadvantages when selecting the input devices.

Halo Infinite is a game developed by 343 Industries for Microsoft, which makes Xbox. So, the game was initially designed for the console controller, but the game offers many advantages for mouse and keyboard players.

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Reaction Time & Responsiveness

When it comes to a game like Halo, there’s no comparing the speedy reaction time and overall control of using a keyboard and mouse vs a controller.

Of course, it comes down to personal preferences and ability. However, on average, the reaction time for special weapons, shotguns, and snipers is far better. This is because players can use more fingers, and the mouse is quicker for changing the view. These functional advantages give viewers greater control over things like flick & aim.

Mouse and keyboard controls are much more inclined to help players increase their stylistic performance and create great footage for streaming because they offer a heightened sensitivity that allows them to turn and react on a dime.

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Playing on a console instead of a PC typically causes more lag.

Aim Assist

There is one area where controllers dominate the keyboard and mouse setup, and that’s in the inclusion of the aim assists. Aim assist automatically draws a user’s battle rifle onto a target, making a world of difference when using the battle rifle.

So far, there are no aim assists for non-controller players. However, this is a convenient function for average players and is why many still use controllers to play Halo.

STAT: Halo Infinite’s release date was December 8th, 2021. (source)

Many expert gamers say that the competitive advantage of the aim assist for controllers is crucial to success in high-level competition, which is why many pro players choose to stick with controllers when playing Infinite.

Halo Infinite: Controller vs Mouse FAQs

Is Halo Reach better to play with a controller or mouse and keyboard?

Halo Reach was designed with controller players in mind, so many say the game is more intuitive with a console controller rather than a keyboard/mouse setup.

How does aim assist work?

In theory, Halo Infinite's aim assists feature works like a magnet that attracts the battle rifle's crosshairs to the enemy as you use your sights.

What does it mean to be high Onyx in Halo Infinite?

Onyx is a status that Halo Infinite players reach if they go on impressive kell streaks and win many games in a row.
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