Hades Controller vs Mouse and Keyboard

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Updated December 29, 2022

Lifelong PC gamers usually choose a premium computer mouse for competitive titles, but the Hades mouse vs. controller discussion deserves a closer look. While top-end gaming mouse and keyboard setups provide precision aim, console controllers offer an ergonomic form factor and dual joysticks. Whether you’re a PC or console player, stick around to understand the Hades controller vs mouse and keyboard debate.


  • A mouse and keyboard, the setup provides better accuracy and targeting speed in Hades compared to joystick controls.
  • Controller players enjoy more fluid character movement compared to the limited inputs on typical keyboards.
  • Controllers offer better comfort for long play sessions, but PC players can switch to an ergonomic mouse and keyboard.

There is a wide variety of control options across PC gaming, but some provide a competitive edge in certain genres. For example, mouse navigation offers precision control in the CSGO controller vs. mouse conversation.

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Adjust your in-game mouse sensitivity before changing the mouse and keyboard options at an operating system level.

That said, controller players enjoy enhanced movement controls in driving titles like Rocket League. Players interested in fighting games should understand the debate over playing For Honor with a mouse vs. a controller.

Hades Mouse and Keyboard vs Controller

Hades is an isometric roguelike action title that relies on precise movement and targeting. Whether you’re aiming bows or dodging attacks, picking the correct control method can make a difference. While the differences aren’t overstated, the Hades community is somewhat split between a controller or mouse and keyboard controls.


Targeting speed is critically important for Hades, and mouse navigation is better than gamepad controls. Controller joysticks offer accurate targeting, but a mouse input offers fluid movement for on-the-fly adjustments. Additionally, players can adjust their mouse sensitivity settings to find an ideal cursor speed.


Controller joysticks offer an increased movement range over the rough keyboard controls. Keyboard players only have a few movement options compared to the 360-degree navigation on a joystick. While keyboard players aren’t totally hopeless, a controller offers slightly better movement.


You can mitigate hand and wrist hand strain with an ergonomic mouse and keyboard for gaming or creative work.


Mouse aiming delivers the utmost precision compared to joystick controls. Controller players enjoy aim-assist on PC and console platforms, but it still doesn’t have the accuracy level of a mouse and keyboard setup.

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Cheaper Option

Either control method has budget and premium options available, so there isn’t a clear winner for the cheaper option.

Hades Controller vs. Mouse and Keyboard FAQs

Does Hades support a keyboard and mouse on Xbox?

Hades' console version doesn't support a mouse and keyboard on Xbox, Switch, or PlayStation. There are some console titles that support alternative control layouts, but it isn't a very large list.

Do ergonomic keyboards have a learning curve?

Even experienced keyboard and mouse players will experience a learning curve after switching to an ergonomic keyboard or mouse. Mouse navigation and in-game targeting should only feel strange for a couple of weeks.

Is Dark Souls playable with a mouse?

Most fans view a gamepad as the default choice for Dark Souls, but plenty of players use a mouse and keyboard setup. The controller joysticks and ergonomics are generally better for Dark Souls' combat, especially with the rough keyboard controls. For best results, keyboard players should customize their control layout.
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