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Netflix on the iPhone has already come and gone.  Nope, you didn’t miss it.  In fact, a developer achieved this feat by simply copying the iPad mediaplayer and Netflix application frameworks to the the iPhone and modded the info.plist file.  Unfortunately, soon after the app was remotely disabled.  The reason why?  Well aside from the fact that it was hacked, the app proved to be a massive battery drain (25% in 15 minutes), often crashed and took forever too load over a 3G connection.   These three reasons alone might be why Netflix hasn’t officially released an iPhone version of their application.

Netflix has already said they’re working on an iPhone compatible application, which may be set for release with the 4G iPhone or iPhone 4.0 OS.  Honestly, though, no one really knows.  Well, except Netflix.

As a follow up to the pic I sent you, I wasn’t able to get the app working at that time. I needed the mediaplayer frameworks from an iPad [/System/Library/Frameworks/MediaPlayer.framework], thanks to one of your forum members, I was able to get that. Then, it still wouldn’t work. Noticing my winterboard theme was overriding the mediaplayer layout I disabled it, retried the app and viola, it worked! All that had to be changed was a couple lines in the applications info.plist file and the mediaplayer frameworks, along with a manual install/permissions. (My other apps requiring mediaplayer still run fine.)


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