A watch is really more of a fashion accessory than a useful tool these days. Back in the day, you might have needed one, but these days, it’s really more to show off either your careful sense of taste or just the fact that you can drop what most people spend on cars on a fancy watch. So if you’re going to go? Go all out.

An Exquisitely Crafted Desk Toy

First of all, a lot of work goes into this thing. As it’s built by Döttling, the masters of overkill, it takes four weeks to build; the dome is made of mouth-blown crystal, the gyroscope is hand assembled from aluminum, and the base is hand-lacquered. In other words, this costs because nothing is made by a machine on this thing. Among other reasons.

Wind Up

And it’s essentially designed to wind, exclusively, automatic watches. Which we get, because it can be difficult to wear all your expensive watches and get them wound at once, not to mention heavy. And the spinning means that you get a very pretty look at your watch being wound, which, let’s face it, is the entire idea.

If you’re worried about overwinding, don’t be: This is designed to stop winding beyond a certain point, so that your watch is always ticking away. Of course, you could also just wear it, but how would that be conspicuous consumption?

Gyroscopic… Well, Sorta


There is one problem: This isn’t actually a gyroscope. A real gyroscope is actually just a top designed to do work; while they can be electrically powered, more often they’re kinetically powered (that is, you give them a push). We bring this up because this thing costs $18,000, and for that kind of money, you could probably get your own precision-crafted gyroscope. Or just wear your equally expensive watch. But hey, you do you.